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So my Best eDominations Moment was the negotiation and signing of a 5 county NAP
In the early months of 2019, a war raged between Spain Allies v the BOIS (Ireland, Netherlands Germany and allies). This involved an ebb and flow that drove through western Europe laying
waste to towns and villages with many causalities along the way.  It became clear that this war was not going to be won by either side as neither had the capability to knock out the other.  The only way to solve the conflict was by diplomacy.
So negotiations were convened in the BOIS server where Spain was invited to talks.  
However it was soon clear to me that they could go nowhere without someone, a single person, speaking for BOIS as tempers were flaring and after such a long war trust was in very short supply..  So BOIS agreed to appoint me as the BOIS voice and Frida K was picked to represent the Spanish
side. So long and detailed talks began on the server with myself and Frida in a private PM also bouncing ideas and trying to solve the many difficulties that were raised.  How can you share limited resources among many countries?  There were threats to leave and false starts but slowly
and surely we inched towards a settlement everyone could live with.
The first breakthrough was when Germany decided to only ask for one region, Berlin and allowing the rest of Germany to be shared. It was a very generous offer. Next we invited France, not a member of BOIS, into the talks to use their regions but also to improve their overall bonus position. 
Maps were drawn, redrawn, deleted and redrawn over and over... I lost count how many times.
Finally we got there and made a deal that everyone could live with... it was a truly momentous occasion in game and the achievement was a testament of the power of diplomacy over brute force.
The Deal
The Deal that was reached is, I maintain still to this day, the most complicated largest NAP ever signed in eDom history. 


The deal held for the allotted timescale, 2 months, and without anyone breaking it. I commend Frida K who spoke for her country and her willingness to think outside the box.
I feel this agreement was a catalyst for huge change in eDominations. BOIS morphed into Allies and then into Atlas...  still to this day, with a few exceptions,  the core countries have stayed close and provided the backbone of alliances. After the NAP expired Spain and Ireland held their elements for the deal for many months again without any breaking of it.  I believe this built trust that directly led to today when Ireland and Spain are allied and friendly.
Read the Agreement here
Thanks for reading...


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That war and events around it were the biggest catalyst of creation of Allies alliance

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