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some of my best and worst moment(s) in edominations |

Published in Germany - Political debates and analysis - 21 - 28 Apr 21 21:17

hello dear readers 

today I want to talk with you about my best and worst moment(s) in this game

to be honest, there were more than one moment that I can call best in this game, I had amazing times in this game, as a leader, as a soldier, and as a tractor. 

I will talk only about most recent of them first lets start with Atlas.

when I became MC and later on SC in Atlas alliance was really in a bad shape many former leaders of the alliance had neither time nor will to lead alliance ,people like ktab and Shiroe,Safer,Marcial,so I took the lead and formed the most incompetent and youngest leadership of an alliance that game has ever seen me, Petros with help of many people like N4zGul and Zebosk and Morten and Komita and Fanis and Lobo Rojo even if some of them had left the game organized alliance and formed our resistance against all odds and eventually were victorious every minute every battle during approximately 50 days I had been leading Atlas were full of memories pf a lot of defeats and and few victories :P and I will only mention one of them

battle of Ohrid it seemed like an ordinary daily battle at start but with approaching to the last hours of battle
I felt more and more that this battle can be vital and winning it can deliver a critical blow to our opponents 

unlike general opinion Atlas except few big visa players was really low on stocks and airs I had a rule that we were not allowed to shoot more than t10 t5 rush.but I broke it on that day and allowed people to tank and in the result we had a crucial victory and well people know what happened the day after :P

link of the battle for people who dont remember it thanks to Gravedigger 

battle of Ohrid

ok enough of Altas

few weeks later turns of event resulted of me becoming SC of Virtus alliance took huge losses after the famous boycott many people left game or went inactive but still alliance had a good structure and old and competent leadership people like Kinyas and Valuk and Serxhio and Arm007 and EddieA we had again many great moments battles and victories and defeats sadly although we did our best in those times but we couldnt be as successful as expected and eventually it led to inactivity and later on disbandment of alliance

everyone talks in their articles about their best moments but I want to tell this here that disbandment of Vitrus was one of my worst moments in this game. only left alliance of the game bad or good , active or inactive , but still there were hopes to improve it. I dont wanna blame anyone but myself for it. many events played major roles that led alliance to disbandment but I consider it as one of my biggest failures in this game 

anyways I wont give you more headache these were some of my best and worst moments in this game

best and worst


P.S.1 sorry if I have forgotten name of anyone in the article some names were added later.


Arm007NAAAZEddie the LamaKinyasValukAmelEl GrecozerogrozavuShimePederpashaMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerMartinProtugjerednau

Comments (21)

28 Apr 21 21:47

first best and worst

28 Apr 21 23:01

ITs called OHRID, not ORHID - once incompetent forever incompetent, but not so young

28 Apr 21 23:05

I like ORHID more

28 Apr 21 23:05

now when i think about it KAveh bringed Atlas to total domination and later on he destroyed Virtus from inside - :D

28 Apr 21 23:08

Ohrid only for you grrrrr...

28 Apr 21 23:27

Its called Lychnidos , its autochtonous name :)

28 Apr 21 23:32

ITs called OHRID, not ORHID - once incompetent forever incompetent, but not so young

29 Apr 21 01:33

Traitor ❤️

29 Apr 21 01:59


29 Apr 21 01:59

you are both wrong, its ohriT with captal T

29 Apr 21 02:00

You had nothing to do with end of Virtus. Every alliance has a cycle. Virtus was a begining step for countries who were disorganized for so long (not internally but internationally) and it served its purpose. You did you best during your duty, so dont be upset. There is still a lot to achieve.

29 Apr 21 02:18

Interesting article :D

29 Apr 21 03:31

GAMA ❤️ Traitor o7

29 Apr 21 04:19
John Doe

CSF 💗 traitor

29 Apr 21 05:07


29 Apr 21 10:07
Monke 69

Kaveh my love... Best traitor ever 😊😘

29 Apr 21 10:17
Calvin Candie

Add when u kicked my geo from alliance cuz of jangos bh. u destroyed atlas with it for me and for georgians. but we still love ya traitor 😘😉

29 Apr 21 15:40

I didnt kick Georgia from alliance :/

29 Apr 21 20:09

no lobo no vote

29 Apr 21 23:33

GAMA ❤️ Traitor o7 :D

30 Apr 21 12:31
Takamori Pasha