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Today i will be writing about the Worlds Fastest World Beatbox Champiom which is done by Pe4enkata from https://i.ibb.co/0Gk3hgV/Bulgaria.png. There is not much to say about the World Beatbox Championship because the article already says 90% of the information. The best of the best battle it out here to earn the World Champion title! The WBC is held every 3 year and it has been held 5 times already (Will be held for the 6th time this year). The place where the event happens is Germany (Fyr will like this :P ). The first WBC was held in 2005, also it is the only World Class event to have separate categories for men and women. 

Who is Pe4enkata? (Pronounced: Pechenkata)
- Pe4enkata (Real name: Adriana Nikolova) is a professional beatboxer born in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 21st 1994. She started beatboxing in 2008 when her friend showed her some basic drum patterns and she liked the sound of it and picked up beatboxing. Since then she hasnt stopped beatboxing and her first event she entered in is the 2009 Bulgarian Championship where there 150 men battling and her battling for the Bulgarian Champion title! She won 3rd place there with just 1 year of experience, many beatboxers at 1 year of beatbox back in 2009 didnt know basically anything, pretty crazy! After that in the 2010 and 2011 Bulgarian Championships she got 2nd place.


In 2011 there was a battle of Champions that went by the name of: Battle of Rhino and she won it! After that battle she got a special invite to battle in the World Championships where she won with just 4 years of experience! All of the beatboxers i know that have won World Championship have had 5+ years of stage experience and been beatboxers for 6-13 years. She became World Champion at the age of 18! And until then then she has judged numerous GBBs and a World Championship.

Bonus beatbox video: Chiwawa (Poland)




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