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‘Producers knew about the war situation that was approaching’- airs at 17g |

Published in Germany - Financial analysis - 5 - 10 May 21 00:02

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Skopje, 09 May (Novinky) —Two to three days this last week there were lower-scale offers about airs, which were at a constant price around 17.6 golds, with maximum of 18 gold on 6 May, and minimum of 17.35 gold on 7 May, based on the data ‘Novinky’ gathered through 49 entries from Discord and black marketplace offers.

The reason behind this, according to the Germany based-player ‘Grandpa’ who is also an active seller, is due to that the ‘producers have been informed about the war situation that was approaching’, adding that they of course ‘want to gain something more with this situation’, commenting with skepticism, not being 100% sure., the prices didn’t raise or went lower than the previous week.

“I think those figures were offered because the seller needed gold in those moments, or there is a lot in his stock or he has good daily produce, but of course knowing that the activity will increase somehow, I do not think I will give up easily with them figures, the price increase is expected (actually started). If we have an event in the coming days, even more will go”, he comments for ‘Novinky’.

Indeed he thinks that the price will rise in the next period.

“War plus event, will give it even more liveliness. And there will be more need, not only for Air Q5 but hopefully also for Weapons and Tank (Take measures while prices are low)”, he adds.

‘Grandpa’ didn’t had some difficulties with the demand the previous week, adding that he had enough clients, yet pointing that they ‘are expected in the coming days’.

“I managed to deliver these in a few days, I have enough in stock to see the following days, if my predictions come true, the best days will come (a good thing that the goods do not expire even if they are not sold)”, ‘Grandpa’ hopes ambitiously.

Meanwhile, in the past two weeks, there were not some big fluctuations of the q5 air price. According to our data, the peak was on 26 April, with 18.48, and the lowest price on 7 May with 17.35 gold per 1.000 airs.



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