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[IRE] A time to stand, a time to fight |

Published in Ireland - Battle orders - 5 - 16 Jun 21 16:54

Salutations my friends,

The time to stand is coming, and we must stand fast. We have been pushed into a corner by our enemies and adversaries, and they are begging that we respond.

Irelanda however is not alone, and never will be alone. We are blessed to have many friends and allies. I want to personally thank you, for taking a stand for our nation. Our colonies have revolted, and are led by people who were dismissed by our government for breaking our Code of Ethics. 

With that being said:

The threats to our great nation, they do not sleep. They watch our every move. Canada, FYROM, Albania, etc. Your military might should not be measured by how much you shout on global. We do not care what you say, nor your insults towards us. Our military has been well organized and honed to the very detail of how we operate, it would be wise to avoid underestimating Irelanda. We will not be intimidated, and we will not back down. We have seen war, we did not want war. But if you want war with Irelanda, there is something I can promise you so help me God. Someone else will write the history of your eNation telling how you were wiped. 

- Government of Irelanda 

Bris, Minister (E)



Comments (5)

16 Jun 21 16:56


16 Jun 21 21:20

You fools should have supplied your troops better in R1. Dont keep making the same mistake, youll find yourself on the losing end of this war.

17 Jun 21 00:24

Go Ireland!

17 Jun 21 23:07

Briss we dont give a f about Ireland.

17 Jun 21 23:49

Irelanda.. o7