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AIRS this wk.: Playful prices that did not break through the bottom and the sky |

Published in North Macedonia - Financial analysis - 6 - 21 Jun 21 00:01

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Skopje, 21 June (Novinky) — Up to 19.63 and down to 17.25 with an 18.1 in between, this was the average price of the q5 air prices this week. This playful prices of the most precious item in the game, were collected by Novinky from 50 offers (entries) from the game chat and Discord.

However, its not a small change in the maximum and minimum price which was 2.38 gold per 1.000 airs, but the week ended on 18.73 gold on average per offer.

This medium roller coaster was caused by the mood of the players who were trying to sell that day, player Rasputine tells Novinky.

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However, there is opinion that the prices will change soon.

Its gonna rise definetly, theres gonna be shooting like never before. So I expect the airs will go to 30g/1k, Rasputine comments, without specifying about which sides can cause that.

If the expectations of our interlocutor come true, that would be a huge change, something unseen, at least since Novinky is publishing and analysing the market, from 29 March to today.

Meanwhile, Rasputines tells Novinky that his sale is better, and that he sold them more easily than 1 month ago which suggests that according to him, the market place for the traders is in good condition now.

Novinky announces a sneak peek for the way we collect and analyse our data this week. Stay tuned!



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21 Jun 21 00:19
Multi de hitman79


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21 Jun 21 01:52

Perhaps instead of the word ´playful´ you may want to use ´whimsical´.

21 Jun 21 08:00


22 Jun 21 01:32
the player


22 Jun 21 17:03

Sod off with this the price will rise so you can sell high what you bought low