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Professional Pusher
Japan is indeed a hardworking nation. It makes sure that all its people reach work on time and thats why Japan has employed people to push others onto trains so that nobodys late for work.

Professional Sleeper
Professional Sleepers doze off while scientists conduct research on sleep disorders. This has to be undoubtedly the most comfortable job on the planet.

Chicken Sexer
Sure, there are chics involved, but still theres nothing sexy about this job. A chicken sexers job is to identify the gender of a baby chicken. Thats about it.

Pet Food Taster
Whoever came up with this job must be a true-blue animal lover or someone who likes to chew weird-tasting food. Do animals and humans have similar taste buds?

Professional Mourner
Youll need these mourners if nobody gave a damn about you when you were alive. Its sad that you wont be able to see them mourn for you because youd be in the coffin.

Furniture Tester
As long as the furnitures not made of cactus, this jobs pretty cool. You have to sit, wriggle and sleep on the furniture to asses its comfort. This job is so cool that its weird.

Fake Facebooker
It’s against Facebook’s terms of service to create a Facebook account under false pretenses. But that hasn’t stopped some folks, who use sites like Fiverr and Craigslist as a platform to sell (or buy) actions on Facebook.
For example, a clever computer whiz might create multiple fake accounts that can serve a variety of purposes—whether it be posing as someones fake Facebook girlfriend, increasing someones number of Facebook friends, or even liking a companys Facebook page—and then sell such services to anyone willing to pay.
According to a Washington Post story, dedicated fake Facebookers can make thousands per month.

Rental Boyfriend
In Tokyo, if you have the money, finding a boyfriend is as easy as it gets. I dont really know what all the boyfriend will do, but it sure sounds fun. Ill be shifting to Tokyo the day the Japanese come up with the concept of Rental Girlfriends

Water Slide Tester
A water slide testers responsibility lies in taking multiple trips down the slide to see how much water it needs, how quickly you can reach the bottom, and how safe and fun it is. What a hard job!


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Well, quite a daft selection honestly.. I ve heard about most of these and mourners are called narikače here in Cro and they are a common thing since like middle ages.. Sorry but no vote or endorse, Its just not cutting it for me

22 Jun 21 06:44

Of course some have heard of these professions some have not No one will force you to vote for me o7 :))

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Theivin Nigr

Hey, your article has NO cats in it, you get my vote

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You forgot the job Fylol player do in this game: Professional cry babies

23 Jun 21 16:34