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My resply to the comment of the Admin on the Malvinas Question |

Published in Argentina - First steps in eDominations - 24 - 26 Apr 17 20:33

Hello again admin and playmates,

I recently wrote the following article:

In the comments of the article, we can read the following explanation of the Admin about this situation:

My response based on documents and declarations approved by the international community is that the Malvinas Islands are currently considered a region with disputed sovereignty between the United Kingdom and Argentina.

The present people who inhabit the islands can write a statute stating that they are part of the United Kingdom. But this fact alone does not justify being true. That is why it is important to know the history of the facts, so that we are not mistaken in our judgments.

Dear readers, I want you to know that the United Kingdom expelled the Argentine citizens from the Malvinas in 1833. Then, he set about establishing a permanent population on the islands. But what was the origin of the people who were going to live in the Malvinas? So, what other country could they be? They came directly from UK! In addition they were in charge to establish a migratory control to avoid that the argentineans again to populate that territory. It is no coincidence that international communities treat the issue of the Malvinas within a decolonization commission.

Here attached a source of information whose title is at the beginning of the article:Special Committee on Decolonization

To finish, i just want to ask the adminis again to please review this important matter again. I hope can and want to correct the error if you, the owners of this game, consider it convenient.

Kind regard


Wong Solo

Comments (24)

26 Apr 17 21:41


26 Apr 17 21:46

Good luck lads, Malvinas Argentinas!

26 Apr 17 21:48

i do not understand. What are you asking FOR ? They be made a sovereign nation in eDOM ?

26 Apr 17 21:52

The Falklands are British and the claim to them exists before Argentina was founded. So unless you plan to give the give all of S.America to Spain and Portugal.............

26 Apr 17 22:11

@islandwoodsie In my opinion I consider it most appropriate not to include the Malvinas Islands in this game. @Alfagrem: In the Nootka Convention signed in 1790 between Spain and Great Britain, the latter renounced occupying land in South America and adjacent islands. There are no historical arguments that support the usurpation of the islands more than the argument of force and theft. That is why the international community supports the claim of Argentina and seeks a peaceful solution to this conflict.

26 Apr 17 23:42


27 Apr 17 00:17

Keep crying, the Falklands are British

27 Apr 17 06:49

What demonstrate with that phrase is that you have no arguments to refute those I raise on this subject.

27 Apr 17 08:00


27 Apr 17 09:57


27 Apr 17 10:02

The most sensible decision would be to not include the Falklands in the game. Easy.

27 Apr 17 10:04

I agree with you GossypPT. At least Admins should delete Las Malvinas like British region.

27 Apr 17 10:46
Wong Solo


27 Apr 17 16:14


27 Apr 17 19:20
Kanon de Geminis

EXPLOSIOOOOON DE GALAXIAAAAAS. Y listo, borre las islas y se acabo la disputa

27 Apr 17 19:23
Kanon de Geminis

era un chiste de mi avatar. Las Malvinas son Argentinas!!!

27 Apr 17 20:11

Entiendo loco :D Comparto en q no deberían ser incluidas como pertenecientes a UK mientras la comunidad internacional las consideran con soberania en disputa. Creo que seria una postura imparcial y la mejor solución para no jugar con un tema relacionado con la sangre de muchas personas dejadas allí

27 Apr 17 20:15
El Gran Eduardo

Ya sabemos cual será el primer objetivo xD

27 Apr 17 20:40
Tanque 1

Litoral es bolivia?

28 Apr 17 07:44

new kosovo in this game

28 Apr 17 21:24

Las malvinas son y seran por siempre Argentinas

28 Apr 17 21:45
Still Standing

OMG The Malvinas are on the map!!!! lol Should to be removed quickly for admins if don t want social conflicts at this game

28 Apr 17 21:54

Según dicen por ahí España le cedió a Uruguay las Islas Malvinas en 1841, pero bueno, esa batalla igual la damos por perdida nosotros y nos sumamos al pedido de Malvinas Argentinas!

29 Apr 17 11:16

@polo7 en los años de independencia el principio del derecho q se usaba para establecer las nuevas fronteras de los países era el de Uti Possedetis (lo q poseías poseeras). Hay tratados de la época en donde se reconocen a las Islas Malvinas como parte del Virreinato del Río de la Plata cuya capital era Buenas Aires. Luego de la independencia, Argentina en 1820 iza la bandera en las Islas, establece autoridades de gobierno y hasta nacen hijos de argentinos allí. El gobierno de Uruguay muchas veces mostró su apoyo hacia Argentina en reclamar la soberanía sobre las Malvinas.