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The war between the alliances (can) raise the prices, says trader |

Published in Romania - Financial analysis - 5 - 13 Sep 21 00:02
The q5 air price is rising, in fact this week was highlighted with price of 14.74 gold per 1.000 airs, according to ‘Novinky’ analysis, and the reason behind this is the war between the alliances Beta and Praxis, which started on 10 September, according to Romanian-based trader and and one of the military commanders of Beta, ‘Tufarik’.

As a community it is important to emphasize that we were witness to very low prices
in the last couple of weeks, and as ‘Tufarik’ says, he hopes and thinks that the price will increase, and that it won’t be a short-term thing.

“This is not 1 day or 1-week fight. We are ready to fight a lot. It is not a short-term thing”, he points out.

However, he is not sure if a world war could occur, but, how he says, ‘I’m sure that we
will not have only Germany – Sweden vs Romania battles’.

“I think this war is something everyone was waiting for. Finally, we have some action and we can wake up eDominations players. As for now, I see that more and more countries are involved in it. Hoping that we can transform it in WW. Good luck to everyone”, ‘Tufarik’ says.

Additionally, in this period, the prices may see a raise because of the winter period and the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, as the trader Vega told Novinky for the previous weekly analysis.


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Comments (5)

13 Sep 21 02:17
Flash Baron

In my opinion, it will take a long and tiring war to empty the stocks (decreased available supply), and I doubt that any of the sides are willing to go that far.

13 Sep 21 02:58
Shingen Pasha

From what I saw this first battle, which is still going on, will need much more time to decrease the stock that players got till now, because this war is been fighting only in the last minutes by OH from both sides, no one is willing to tank all the battle, like we saw few month ago, when damage in a battle went too much more than this... So there will not be any increase of price of the moment :)

13 Sep 21 03:07

S 161 V 54

13 Sep 21 05:46


13 Sep 21 10:16

Mig15 in the graph background :)