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Moderator Recruitment active (27.04.2017) |

Published in Algeria - First steps in eDominations - 9 - 27 Apr 17 03:23

Greetings again to our beloved game community!
A newday for eDominations and a new day for adventures and News which to give information to our people.
The long awaited time for recruiting moderators has come - a lot of people was eager to try be part of our moderator team and help us develop and grow one fair community.
We wish to thank you all for this desire, but moderator squad cant be from hundreds of players, so we will open recruitment and candidates will be able to apply for becoming moderators by sending to us following information on our e-mail :
[email protected]
Following requirements are very important and without them player wont have chance to be accepted:
- Good english skills (languages different than english will be a plus also)
- At least 3 hours free time a day for gaming activity
- Using skype or discord (or using both of course)
- To know and understand well the Rules of the game (they can be checked from the button in the bottom of the page)

Also, this are some questions which interests us:
- What is your age
- Where are you from in real life and what information would you share with us
about your real life activities (like hobby, job)
- Do youhave any previous experience in moderation in games and if yes, what it is
- What makes you like eDominations
- What are you expectation for the moderators position and how do you imagine it
- Whatis your motivation to want to become moderator in eDominations
- How much free time you have daily for the game and how much from it you would be able to spend for moderator needs
For all this points, send your application to our email (we mentioned it) and Administration will pick up people for the positions as soon as possible
(taking into account how much applications we expect, it may take time).
Moderator work is paid with gold, connected with the actual amount of work done by the players.
It is important to say : Moderator statute can be assigned, but also removed if there is inappropriate activity from the players which harm Administration name and game fairness.
Most important task of Moderators is to act as a team with the administration, and every activity to be precise and to be fair. Working as Moderator is something which can be learned, not knowing something is not bad itself - what is really bad is to have mistakes caused by acting on its own, or not understanding and following the principals of moderator work - to be precise in your activity an to be fair towards every player and every community. Administration will help to every Moderator understand how things are done properly and how things must be done with an accuracy and
precision. But honesty and desire for work are on first place and without them, Moderator can never suit up for the adventure.


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27 Apr 17 03:35


27 Apr 17 03:47
lonely wolf


27 Apr 17 04:02


27 Apr 17 04:04

good, something to think about it :)

27 Apr 17 04:45

Looks solid. Good luck to all the applicants! eDominations team are the finest.

27 Apr 17 04:45
Admiral Firmus Piett


28 Apr 17 04:57
El Gran Eduardo


28 Apr 17 06:23
Alex Popovic

I am thinking to send application form to the admins of eDomination strategic game so maybe I will do it,Great article admins o7

18 Jun 17 10:13