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Greetings again today to our beloved citizens and supporters

Yesterday our game started with over 4200 registrations - we think this was one pretty good start and we wish to thank you all again for the trust and desire with which we started this game altogether.

Because of this, and because we believe administration must care for our people as a first priority, today to every player we added 200 Q5 foods, with which he can experience another good day of crazy world training war.

A lot of people asked about the way our Battlefield work, feel free to check the link from the button to our Wikia (in the other articles there you can also find additional good info).


So now it is time for most important information of the day, and it is simple - people want politics, and politics we will activate for them.
On day 4, date 29th of April, there will be held forced congressman elections in every country.
For them, each of you can join for candidacy from your local political party. Important part though is that every party will candidate its fastest 20 players for election.
Elections for congress will be held in our new Congress model, and in our voting for a political party type, so people can also taste it.
Political Party leader this time will not be able to nominate people, so it will be pretty much first is to win rule for the 20 political party nominee.
Of course, if people dont like the current party, they can always conjoin forces to create an additional political party. For example, if 20 people want to be a candidate and create their own party, it is not a problem they choose who to create it (and become party leader) and combine gold (2 gold from each in this case) to create it, and go on elections - creating real political such.
Time for candidating is today - 27th and tomorrow, 28th of April. On 29th the actual voting will be in force.

Of course, the new congress will be active only until next legal Congress elections, which will be held on 15th of May. And for next elections, the political party leader, rearranging the group on 14th of May will be active, so choose well.

New Congress powers will consist every normal such - including impeachment law, with which they can set a President which to be active since May, until first President elections, which will be held on 5th of May. So it will be good if you choose your steps well and elect your first President authority as Congress soon, so he can propose actual wars and real fun to begin. And congressmans, of course, will be also able to start forming first Mutual Protection Pacts.


Even since we have our system for referrals proving to work normally, with literally thousands of successful referral invites, we still get some reports from players, complaining that their referral link didnt work out well. Our administration did a lot of checks about it, also did some additional tests both for computer operation systems and for android, and alongside the thousands of successful referral connections, we found no problem in our systems.

Still, here are some useful tips which can cause a problem:
- If a player clicks on another referral links, different than the one they register it, it is possible that a cookie gained from the site make a problem and dont make a referral link as desired. This is possible to happen in situations where for example, player click on one referral link, lets say a link from the player X, he closes it, then click a link from player Y and register by it. To make sure this problem wont appear it is needed a clear cookies browser to be used (valid for both mobile and computer)

- When making a copy-paste of the referral links, especially on mobile versions, there is a chance some letter or number from the actual link to be missed. Every referral link base is same and different is in the ending number, which actually represents the ID of the invitee. Making a check about the link being actually full as he desired in the registration page tab is good to avoid a possible problem.


We received many questions about missions system, and we decided it will be useful for our community to create THIS article, where they are explained and showed.


Very important part of today activities is that we start a moderator recruitment campaign - event long awaited by our community with a lot of people which have desire to try. Check up Immortal article:



If players have on mind good sites where they can advertise game - social media ones, newspapers, high traffic sites or such with specific interest, linked to eDominations - like history and politic discussion forums, browser game sites and etc - contact us and for such activity, we will be awarding extra golds. It is not important for which country or community it is connected, but every good ideas in this matter could bring you not only nice amount of referrals but also some generous reward from Administration.

Needless to say, you are invited to follow or contact us for more information on:

- Our official game Discord channel.
- Our official Facebook page.
- Our official Twitter account.
- Our official e-mail contact:
- Our Support desk.

eDominations team


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Thomas Green


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27 Apr 17 03:31

Voted.. o7

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lonely wolf


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This game is going in the right direction, thank you admins for that. Keep up the good work. Still waiting for some headlines about official day when we can start wars.

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27 Apr 17 03:54
Mord Fustang

Cannot be happier with the administration of eDominations. Thank you for your support and guidance.

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I will translate Wikia in my newspaper, You can use my translation if you want o/

27 Apr 17 04:26

But the candidate for the next presidential election will also be represented by the leader of the party?

27 Apr 17 04:32

Error: Candidate in the elections need to have a minimum Experience level 16. I think there is about 40 people with enough experience.. What will happen to other 4000+ citizens of eDominations? No Congress this month?

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27 Apr 17 05:03

There is time until tommorow included for candidating. We also supported every player with good amount of food so they can raise experience in the train war and fight. It is fully possible for a player reach lvl 16 until the end of tommorow, when we will again have train war

27 Apr 17 05:21

No epic no fight

27 Apr 17 05:25

bari silahta yollasaydınız

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Spartacus al


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El Gran Eduardo

mail send o7

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2 long 2 read

27 Apr 17 17:24
David Allenkey

The way in which the battles work is kind of a bummer. 8 hours for each type of fighting means that many people will miss full battles (when sleeping or working). Next mission is the air battle, but unfortunately, it takes place while I sleep.

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Carl Cox

Fix the damn auto sliding left menu pleae!!

27 Apr 17 23:44

خدا قوت

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Yosemite Sam01


28 Apr 17 14:36

+1 David Allenkey

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navik68 s4s