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Battlefield damage tables ALL INCLUSIVE |

Published in Georgia - Warfare analysis - 14 - 20 May 17 10:58

Hey, this time not an economy thread - yes i can do other things too haha :) Here are tables for damage dealt in battles :D Can be changed for every player individualy depending on level, strength, military rank, defensive systems and so on :).

Knife = empty handed... knife just sounds better :D

I entered my values.
Should anyone want individual calculations i can do it for you, just pm me :)   Any support apreciated

Oh and why would this be usefull? Simply for battle hero medal hunt :) You can see how much weapons you need and how many hits :D

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TugaWolfAndy Warhol

Comments (14)

20 May 17 11:01

So if i hit with weapons i deal less damage than without them in the last round, nice lol.

20 May 17 11:12

Yes, we tried out - that is correct :D

20 May 17 11:15


20 May 17 12:17
El Gran Eduardo

voted o/

20 May 17 12:17

good work

20 May 17 12:40

Nice info, thanks!

20 May 17 13:07
Mord Fustang

Useful as always.

20 May 17 14:54

Paraguay mutis aND. ..!!! Oh nvm

20 May 17 14:57

Great articles btw

20 May 17 16:18

Is this based on experimental numbers? Or do you really know how it is calculated ? I would really like to know how rank effects damage.

20 May 17 16:36

I know how its calculated it is not experimental :) pm me what you would like to try out

21 May 17 06:50


21 May 17 06:53

empty handed in my eCountry called silat .. :D

22 May 17 04:27

I have this excel too. I take the formula from wiki. But there is no calculation if you level up or rank up. But it s fine.