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news from coalition of PH and Legion |

Published in Canada - Political debates and analysis - 11 - 23 Nov 21 07:34

hello dear readers

first of all I must make this clear I play this game to have fun and and distract myself from real life or maybe simply cause I m addicted to it like many of you

I never seek humiliation of other nations or players sometimes I win and I m happy cause I managed to be better than my rivals and sometimes I lose and I m not that sad cause my rivals were better

this is a game and losing or winning wont affect my real life they wont give me a trophy or put me in jail for losing or winning ok lets get to main point of this article 

in the past and start of PH we were losing really hard and we knew that it would be like that I have explained this enough I think

anyways with any legit means possible we manage to establish a coalition with Legion and with their help and sadly some players of BETA leaving we started to win

when we used to lose, for wipe of any country BETA had published an article some would find them humiliating some troll

but we havent published an article so far except statistic articles of Gradlee

it is the first article and will be about the 2nd wipe of Ireland

when started the war against Ireland we just wanted a front to drain BETA and I wasnt really happy about war with them cause most of German players wanted war with Spain but alliance gave us the mission of war with Ireland and Spain was out of our reach

anyhow this war resulted with wipe of Ireland and we would leave them alone I dont want to talk about the nap talks cause I wasnt a part of it

result of those talks was to attack Ireland again so we started preparing ourselves for another war and after few days Ireland was wiped for 2nd time in a short period

I dont consider this an epic victory

so I didnt make a video or screen shots of map like BETA did I will just post a picture that now I enjoy looking at it


P.S.1 credit for videos of BETA goes to Tufarik


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Comments (11)

23 Nov 21 07:35

first wiped

23 Nov 21 07:56

wip wip

23 Nov 21 08:16


23 Nov 21 08:17
Winston Hope Smith

For the record if you offer those insulting terms again we will reject them again As you would in my 👞 👞 shoes If that means we stay wiped...

23 Nov 21 09:31
Fart Sinatra

wip is continue

23 Nov 21 09:40


23 Nov 21 23:58


24 Nov 21 00:33
John Doe


24 Nov 21 09:47

To have thought you changed is a foolish notion.

24 Nov 21 22:56

Never write an article again.. your English sucks big time :D

25 Nov 21 05:12

Ya somos 409 en vivo