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Greetings our beloved citizens.

As we mentioned 2 days ago, a significant change for the Political module was coming.
Why Political Module?
Because this was the vote of people and we aim to keep strict to it.
Over 38% of players voted for Political module changes, and so we bring them.

1. Party ideology
- What was a political party without a platform? Visible of course on the party page, where people can check it fast, learn political party ideas and etc.
This is why we added a simple Party ideology section in political party page. From it, PP leaders will be able to set a specific article which to be visible from it.
System works like :

In the specific spot, Party leader copy the link to the desired article.
He can use every article ingame but only eDomination links.

With it, this provides the following result:

Visible will be the TEXT of the article itself - encounting URL links and codes too. /in this case listed article is previous Admin one./

Of course, we must remind also that as same as articles and messages, our content rules, forbidding nudity and etc (all listed in game rules) are in force also for Party Ideology section.

2. Party treasury
- From now on, Political Parties will also be not just political, but also economic structure, which will have its own treasury - consisting gold and currencies.

With it, the political party will be able to:
- Distribute finances to its congress members
- Cover the costs of congress members candidates
- Cover the cost for Country President nominee

Every member of the Political Party will be able to donate gold and currency to his PP treasury.
Political Party leaders will be only responsible for them players. Every option towards Political Party activity will be into the hands of the PP leader.

For the cost of 250 local currency, he will be able to nominee players for Congress. The list will be structured based on the first nominates and can later be switched. Each nomination will cost the Political Party treasury this sum, and if it is not available in it, an error will appear and the player wont be nominated.
Removing a player from the list will NOT return the currency back - and if later same player is nominated again, it will cost 250 cc again.
The maximum player list number is 20 people.
Party President will be able to nominee Congress list every 14th day of every month.

Proposing a player for Country President will be done at the cost of 1000 local cc. And as the for the congressman, the financial rule is valid also - if the candidate is later removed, no currency is returned back and the new nomination cost again 1000 cc.
Party President will be able to propose President candidates on 4th day of every month.

Political Party leader will be also capable to re-distribute funds between PP congress members - for the needs of Political Party of course, such as changing Gold into currency and etc. Here we need to say that every type of violations connected with profiting, such as using Political Parties for multiaccounting laundry or for financial activities having on purpose cheats will be penalized hard by Administration. The idea of this is to make parties not only a political but economic structure, for the purpose of fun gameplay and a variety of options, and not as a new way to cheat. And any such attempts will be strictly followed.
The menu for it is located in Show members button list and is visible for PP leaders as this:

Party President can also donate Party funds to the respective country treasury.

Players will need to be at least level 25 to be able to donate funds to the Party Treasury.

At the Party Donations spot will be a list of last 25 donators to party and the specific amounts which they have donated.


The system is active from today and all the things in it are in force.

The next thing our Administration work on is adding of organizations.
Stay tuned cause there surely will have more to come!
And thank you again for being part of this with us.


Dont forget that if you have good ideas and projects for Baby Boom in your country, you can contact our Admin Uros Veliki

Needless to say, you are invited to follow or contact us for more information on:

- Our official game Discord channel.
- Our official Facebook page.
- Our official Twitter account.
- Our official e-mail contact: [email protected]
- Our Support desk.
- Our official Forum.

Thank you all very much again for your support!

eDominations team



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23 May 17 08:08


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23 May 17 08:14

mantab :D

23 May 17 08:14
Sultan Haydar Bas


23 May 17 08:18

wut -_-

23 May 17 08:19
lonely wolf


23 May 17 08:23

adding of organizations. NICE

23 May 17 08:30

Adding organizations..............FINALLY! Thank You

23 May 17 08:30

-VOTADO- OK and now you have to get to work on things that are important

23 May 17 08:41

good job

23 May 17 08:54

bad update :( no vote

23 May 17 08:54


23 May 17 08:59
El Pistolero

Please admin Only 1 organization per country, the organization should be able to use it only the government of the country to make their articles in the newspaper and to make the transactions in the money market.

23 May 17 09:00

There are some bugs in the Party update o/

23 May 17 09:01


23 May 17 09:07

Oe oe!! o/ Great job admins! Keep going!

23 May 17 09:13

Prices are plummeting constantly and you absolutely have to do something soon maybe a market bot or sth like that before it is too late

23 May 17 09:33

organizations? great place for unfair procedures. I don t like it.

23 May 17 09:33

why is everyone so happy about orgs? i guess a lot of people dream of making money from monetary market like the other game. admins should consider that before adding this feature.

23 May 17 09:37

Nice :)

23 May 17 09:40

dont make organisations for everyone, just for government members (articles)

23 May 17 10:21
Juli ... Error: You need to have level 25 or above to be able to donate to party treasury. meanwhile, in party donation list, you can see players or even multis under lvl 25 have donated their money to support their parties.. well nice.. i think its a joke..

23 May 17 10:31

V64 sub 667

23 May 17 10:38

nice ;)

23 May 17 10:39
Ulysses Grant

Orgs just for governments please!

23 May 17 10:56

voted , very good

23 May 17 10:58

art means - VISA ONLY!

23 May 17 11:06


23 May 17 11:50

Add ingame party chat also

23 May 17 12:26

o7 - Excellent! By the way, by the rules of the game, the Nazi party can be established? Or anti-minorities? You can also find players like this on the game. I just caught your attention, some ideologies lead to hatred.

23 May 17 12:33

@BATRABUL99 nazi and etc type of parties completely forbidden. If anti-minorities party are based on real life type of stuff it is forbidden too. Of course, if ingame country ideology is to destroy Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is ingame, this is game related thing and as long it have no flameful language content and is based on ingame war and etc it is allowed

23 May 17 13:04

sera que serão justos?

23 May 17 13:16

Voted! Excellent upgrade!

23 May 17 15:05

Bug: I am lvl 26 and can not donate party.

23 May 17 15:19


23 May 17 19:22
Beto Song

military units should have the right to own weapon companies

23 May 17 22:32
HappyBot Windu

V 105 Para todos x favor

23 May 17 23:05

38℅ ? screw 62℅ .... obviously game mechanics will changed how some players want..... everything to making multies anonimously

24 May 17 02:52


24 May 17 03:32
Vukan Nemanic


24 May 17 11:55

We are waiting for orgs! And other things which will improve economical part of this game!!! :)) Viva la Admin Team!

24 May 17 15:06
CP Brasileiro

1 org for country = gg!

04 Jun 17 11:20

Ok, let me get it: 1.If a citizen wants to be congressman or country president, he/she must pay to the party 250/1000 CC to be nominated. 2. But, besides, that citizen can be scammed if he/she isn t nominated for the party president. 3. And if that was not enough, If Party President don t give any money to congressmen, they can declare themselves in rebellion against the party until PP give up in his decision. And then, with that money, congressman can propose to pay votes to secure to be always nominated in the party. Clientelism at his finest. Shittiest political update EVER. eRepublik has surpassed you in this.

04 Jul 18 17:42