Rental Agreement between Turkey and Israel! |

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Good morning everyone!Im here to announce a rental agreement achieved by Turkish and Israeli

The terms are:
1. Israel will not attack any of Palestines regions.
2.Turkey will rent North Israel and South Israel, by making a Training
War in those 2 Israeli regions, winning direct battle, and loosing RW.
3.If it happen that UC will be in Israeli RW against Turkey, Turkey will
defend RW(which means Israeli soldiers will not hit anymore in that
RW).After defending RW and winning direct battle(Turkey will be holding
both North and South Israel), Turkey will not attack Jerusalem, but will
wait for a 48h cooldown, open RW in North or South Israel, loose RW,
open RW in next region, after Turkey can attack North or South Israel
4.Turkey will pay a symbolic ammount of xxx gold to Israeli govenment
for the rental.
5.This rental agreement will be valid until reshuffle, will a possible
renew between new governments of both countries.

Shingen Pasha,
Turkey MoD!


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13 May 22 01:51

Signed by the Supreme Judiciary Council of Turkey

13 May 22 02:05
Nobushige Pasha

Signed by the Grand Vezir of Balkan Province of the Turkish Empire

13 May 22 02:24

aha we will see xD

13 May 22 04:44

unsigned :P

13 May 22 07:26
Uchiha ltachi


13 May 22 10:13

Sygned - MoD Israel

13 May 22 10:19
Anna Esseker

sygned - cp israel

13 May 22 10:26