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Published in Bulgaria - Social interactions and entertainment - 5 - 23 May 22 00:04

Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬, –
Добро утро и хубава седмица!https://i.postimg.cc/W4BXRL54/1652933964-prikol-21052021-027.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/W1f5nJrg/16789657.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/KYkJsvrV/16789800.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/mgrdCScT/65610233-original.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/prxCTQbb/71140821-original.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/LXjv2CW3/d6d5f0bb93bd8c9600d5966529f00b47.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/4y55hKsK/tyomaajohtajan-doge.jpg  Малките чавдарчета са добри другарчета.– Чавдарчето е весело дете – играе, пее, учи се, чете.– Чавдарчето е примерно във къщи и във клас, то помни – “Пионер ще стана аз!”– Чавдарчето учтиво поздравява, то възрастните хора уважава.– Чавдарчето труда обича, на помощ първо се притича.– Чавдарчето родината свободна обича – като своя майка родна.

Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬, T

ТomSawyer 5 minutes agoRL interfiered i had itentions of beating my own record in Ireland.. maybe next time. gn o7

Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/602788198770540556/978019910741544970/unknown.pngАлекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/602788198770540556/978037809594118144/unknown.png
Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬,
Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬,
https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cc3Eo_4KEyz/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬,
Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬, Steve Jobs 21 minutes agoBut i love that you guys seems obessed with Bulgaria.arrow_downwardarrow_upward01sagi18 23 minutes agoCan anyone remind me when did Bulgaria was top tier at this game? 101Calvin Candie 17 minutes agoWhen u was child and Phalanx with Axis was dominatedSay something...12BulgariaLiveD666 30 minutes agoWhen Bulgria was top tier country Chile didn’t exists so dear people calm down 108Calvin Candie 1 hour agoGm gentlemans and ladiesАлекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬, https://tenor.com/view/tank-tanks-gif-sliding-low-gif-25206958Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬, https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLKL3vLP/?k=1Алекс Alex Звездев Zvezdev🇧🇬,
Жаси в действие...поздрави!


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