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Game chat trading overshadowing marketplace |

Published in Czech Republic - Financial analysis - 4 - 04 Aug 22 00:08

Ohrid, August 4 (Novinky) — 
Products on the Marketplace are generally in the most situations more expensive than those on the game chat. The game chat is constantly updating with new shouts offering and searching for airs, tanks, houses, and similar, while some offers on the Marketplace in some countries have unrealistic prices from players who expect someone to fall for their trap. In essence, the marketplace is the main place envisioned in the game as a complete mechanism for buying and selling, which seems to be stagnating.

Sell q5 airs- 14,5 g/1k. stock 70k - This is the message of Georgia-based trader “dzinsinis” posted several days ago. The eDominator tried selling his products on the game chat, hoping to make a deal with some other player. In the meantime, on the Georgia marketplace, the air price was higher, and there wasn’t a offer too by “dzinsinis” there.

The same case was with “StamaT the great”, also a Georgian-based trader, when “Novinky” was comparing the two-way trading way of eDominations.

“(“The game chat” – our remark) It’s not primary, it’s only for the airs”, “dzinsinis” explains to “Novinky” about his trading methods. He is adding that he is selling airs on game chat to get gold, because the “amount of ccs which I need I get from selling raws and food”.

“Mainly I sell q5 airs on the market chat only. All raws, except the weapon ones, sell on country market which I need cc, have few countries licenses. And of course food, only q3, because I produce only them. As one friend said It’s the best food to produce”, he adds.

Furthermore, “dzinsinis” stated that he is selling almost all of the raw materials he doesn’t need and the food on the market.
Example of game chat trading
More players open the game chat, than the market, “StamaT the great” considers, and that’s why he mainly use that method. Speaking to “Novinky”, he says that it’s also easier for him the players to send him gold, because of the extra work opening from the need to buy gold from the market afterwards. 

I mostly sell q5 airs, because I produce way more than I need on a daily basis. I always sell via the game chat, “StamaT the great” adds.

It’s that system from the beginning when I came, Georgia-based trader further explains.

“… When I asked where to buy, everyone advised me in the chat, its easier, many people are active there and its easier to reach a deal with the players through a contract”, “StamaT the great” points out.

The market, according to him is only used nowadays for the Ultimate Challenge, and for needs, such as food, weapons, and houses.

“Novinky” also conducted a questionnaire in order to get more answers related to the topic, in which the answers indicate that the players think that the majority of the buying and selling of products takes place in the game chat. The questionnaire didnt get too many answers, more precisely, exactly 10, to be considered relevant to summarize the situation in the game, but it gathered several statements on the topic.

Game chat and private chat mostly, I dont think marketplace plays the main factor in trade anymore. It’s easier to find better prices and deals in chat or privately, China-based player Safer thinks.

Davidking has a similar opinion, answering game chat, much easier to buy or sell products, with your desired price. Then it follows Chat, because of taxes, Chat game, Game chat.

Kisuke Urahara also says picks the game chat, because, how he says there are generally better offers, since people that are willing spend time shouting, generally are willing to give better deals.

However, some players consider it to be the market place, and additionally 30% of them buy the products they need from the marketplace, compared to 70% on the game chat.

Trading with gold on the marketplace as a way to activation 

Although the Marketplace has a feature converting the price of the local currency to gold, as a unit, and as a whole part, eDominations only allow to buy and sell products with the local currencies, and not with gold.

The sales through the game chat could be reduced if there is an option to buy and sell products with gold on the Marketplace, “StamaT the great” considers.

“Im talking strictly through gold, for example 10.000 airs and 130 gold, I sell 10 thousand, you buy, and 130 gold is transferred to me. The game is all about gold, everything in the game is done with gold, thats the whole point. And really, lately the admin is not satisfied with us, most likely, so he ‘unhooked’ us all”, he adds, smilling.

“I’m not strong in economics”, “dzinsinis” says, but suggesting that the market could get the update of the option to sell for gold.

“It should be possible to get that option implemented. But again, if players would want that? As for me, I think I would use the market more if that option would be in there”, “dzinsinis” points out.


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Comments (4)

04 Aug 22 00:25

Тъжно и тъпо....хмм!

04 Aug 22 00:37
Winston Hopeless Smith

People store products on market so they dont use them and do so at unrealistic prices so no one else buys them IMHO (at least I do sometimes :) )

04 Aug 22 02:27

Great job!

04 Aug 22 19:18
Angry Leo

Try to check out eRussian market. We have a lot of cheap houses and low-q weps/tanks/airs