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[Air analysis] End of an era + 50k air giveaway |

Published in Czech Republic - Social interactions and entertainment - 35 - 23 Jan 23 00:03

Skopje, January 23 (Novinky) — Everything comes to an end, including this era of ours. Yes, we are specifically talking about Novinky’s air analysis. After a year and a half, with a heavy heart we want to announce that we will stop publishing the air analysis from now on.
This may have been evident in the past months, and especially in the last period. The obligations of real life, and +12 hours of work simply do not allow you to devote yourself fully to the product.

I hope you found the content published through these articles helpful.

I want to give special thanks to all those who gave me any statements on these articles. THANK YOU, REALLY!

Also, THANKS to everyone who RESHARED the articles, VOTED them, ENDORSED, and so on!
I am very grateful that among all of you who supported us, I have noticed some players who have consistently looked to show their support in more ways. And I am also aware that a certain number of players really believed in such a project and looked forward to each subsequent article.
This may seem ridiculous, but I want to somehow symbolically round off what we have been building together for the past 1.5 years.

Congrats to Rafaia who won 50.000 q5 airs!

(ENDED) We are making a giveaway of 50.000 q5 airs, with one winner. Giveaway ends on Tuesday (January 24) at 23:59 (CET/GMT+2).
Comment anything, from the point of view, if you followed the articles, did you like them, are you maybe hearing about them for the first time, the number of vote, sub, how was your day, what does eDominations mean to you... anything.

It is also important to note that this does not mean that I am withdrawing from the game. On the contrary, I will try as much as I can to write and publish other articles related to the game. But, it’s a clear end for the air analysis.

And also, this also doesnt mean that I wouldnt be back with the analysis maybe in the future, when I get maybe some free time, and a more efficient time methods to do them, some day, maybe.
The archive with all previous articles can be viewed on the newspaper page.
Thank you for sticking with us! Lots of love! From The Community, For The Community. o/
March 29 2021 - December 24 2022 Air price archive - Infographic


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Comments (35)

23 Jan 23 00:05

Appreciate the effort that you had put in to your analysis all this time... Good luck

23 Jan 23 00:16

Thank you for all your job in this dying game!

23 Jan 23 00:30
I Am Mad

i liked the analysis

23 Jan 23 00:30


23 Jan 23 01:09

always good analysis about price o7

23 Jan 23 01:32
Deadly Emperor


23 Jan 23 01:48

Good job!👏👏

23 Jan 23 01:59

great and consistent effort from your end! very good job :) wish you return to this kind of quality journalism!

23 Jan 23 02:15
Please be patient for V2

Admin will read it in 2043

23 Jan 23 02:30

Thank you very much for all your efforts. Sad to see it stop. :-)

23 Jan 23 03:25
Shingen Pasha

Good job o7

23 Jan 23 04:00

it was a good read o7

23 Jan 23 05:02

So sad itll be over.. Thanks for the analysis o7

23 Jan 23 05:06

Thanks for your time spended writting article related with game, you did an amazing job

23 Jan 23 07:04

Good job with your amazing analysis. o7

23 Jan 23 07:46


23 Jan 23 08:08
Ivan 1212

Thanks for the analysis , all the best in RL !

23 Jan 23 08:08

Bravo bate!!

23 Jan 23 08:12

good job o/

23 Jan 23 08:58

Tnx a lot Always followed Your nice Analysis

23 Jan 23 08:59

neeein, don`t gooo~

23 Jan 23 09:01
Shadow Walker

sad to hear its the End in this dead game. wish U bests in RL and Thanks to give journalism a little meaning

23 Jan 23 11:01

Good job and thanks for your articles

23 Jan 23 11:41

Good article like always, bravo !!!

23 Jan 23 15:10

Great job with analysis o7

23 Jan 23 15:24

Thank you for everything! o7

23 Jan 23 16:51

Good job! o7

23 Jan 23 21:23

Thanks and good job o7

23 Jan 23 21:23

Thanks for the analysis.. You did a very good job.. Good luck in RL.. o7

23 Jan 23 21:58

Thanks for the work. We are grateful o7

24 Jan 23 14:30
El Tio Kacho

Good job! o7

24 Jan 23 14:31
Mister K

So sad itll be over.. Thanks for the analysis o7

24 Jan 23 14:58


24 Jan 23 14:59
Berry McMinnar

good luck in the future

25 Jan 23 03:42

Ive read all of your kind comments. I want once again to say a big THANK YOU, really! And I will see you with some another eDom article soon! Btw. Congrats to Rafaia!