Day 2 or S4S Madness |

Published in China - Social interactions and entertainment - 4 - 27 Apr 17 09:11

Maybe I am the only the one, but I HATE current S4S situation.

I am NOT going to sub you just because you sub me. 

I am not so cheap to spam just for medal and 5 gold. 

I want to read:

    guides  jokes  interviews  strategies  
Realy, some starting tips would be awesome. Someone please make one.
I promise I will sub, vote, shout and maybe support.

Reaction to sub 4 sub

-RAGING Chuliganas

P.S Mr. Admin, unsorted listing is not working.


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27 Apr 17 09:21
Lady Valentine

BIG vote! plz do not even try to contact me with Hello dear Kaio Zamasu plz sub this and that. Thank you!

27 Apr 17 09:47


27 Apr 17 09:59

plx unsub 4 unsub bro dude

27 Apr 17 10:07
Ethel Rosenberg