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Top 10 Best Countries for Workers - Day 50 |

Published in Canada - Financial analysis - 5 - 14 Jun 17 05:57

Disclaimer: Data collected early on Day 50, things may have changed by the time you read this.

As a new player, many will ask how they can get ahead.

There are many answers to this from reaching out to your National Community to reaching out to the Global Community. Be active every day. Do your research before you make selections. Be patient.

One way to get ahead is to secure a good salary. There are reasons for not chasing the highest wages but if your motivation was purely pecuniary... where would you go? What are the best places in the World to earn a living wage?

Top 3 Highest Gross Salary
Country, CC
Romania, 61
Russia, 61
Mexico, 57

Nominal salary values is one thing but another factor is how easy it is to convert that number into cold hard gold. This is dictated by the stability of the monetary market and the volume of offers. With this in mind I created a simple salary ranking index. The index takes into consideration salary offers, taxes and the monetary market volumes (it does not factor in houses). The end value of the index is what a player could reasonably expect to earn in gold in a week.

Without further ado, here are your Top 10 Best Countries to Earn a Living Wage.

Top 10 Highest Net Gold Salary (Weekly)
Country, Gold Index
Poland, 2.47
Serbia, 2.43
USA, 2.30
Slovenia, 2.28
Georgia, 2.24
Romania, 1.97
UK, 1.90
Bulgaria, 1.85
Mexico, 1.79
Columbia, 1.76

Happy Hunting Citizens!


Comments (5)

14 Jun 17 06:07


14 Jun 17 06:11

3.72 gold in Turkey (weekly)

14 Jun 17 06:23

2,352golds weeky in Paraguay; 4,704golds using house.There are some that gift house if you work for him.

14 Jun 17 19:11


15 Jun 17 05:08
lonely wolf

is Romania still oon map?