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Why Brazilians don't like this game???! |

Published in Croatia - Social interactions and entertainment - 4 - 27 Apr 17 13:03

Do you know why?

Because USA have only 10 regions

Goodbye Brazilians! And dont be mad :D

Dont forget to sub and vote :D :D


Comments (4)

27 Apr 17 13:16
Mord Fustang

Why do Brazilians care how many regions USA have?

27 Apr 17 13:21

hmmm, you re from Croatia right? *Sigh* I can t even find your country on the map in RL -_-

27 Apr 17 14:08

Because in previous game around 50 players move in USA because USA had 50 regions (impossible to conquer)

28 Apr 17 02:28
Carl Cox

You tellem Finch! Drag-queen power! XD