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Interview with Jango [ENG] |

Published in Georgia - Political debates and analysis - 16 - 23 Jul 17 06:47



     -Hello mr Jango tell few words about you in start of interview

     -Hello, I am Omari Jangavadze from Georgia i told about me many  times soo if you need more information try Facebook Google or Twitter

-Turkey leaved AEGIS, GUN disbanded , B6 disbanded what you think about it ? 

    - GUN collapse was known from the very beginning, about Turkey i dont see any strategic meaning for their leaving it was mistake of Turkey gov, they were irresponsible to their duty and we was the results of this. they wanted develop in peace without fighting for it and i think if someone want development and peace first he have to fight for it . about neutrality its hard to be neutral country if you are in TOP they have to decide where to go, i am waiting what they will do about it . and about B6 it was necessary its boring too much night DMG together , in continent must be at least 2 alliances for fun or game become boring. about Spain i think that they are more than MPP for us and we must continue relationship with them.

   -We see to many impeachments in georgia  is there any internal conflicts or ?

   -No sometimes its for strategic meaning sometimes for fun, unlike some other games here all georgians are united and organised and our unity becomes stronger day by day.

   - You are commander of MU Berserks and this MU becomes stronger every day is this merit of your VISA or something else? 

   -Berserk is the N 3 unit with its active, combatable and organization, ofc my VISA is one of the reasons but general reason of this are solders who fight hard and doing their best.

   - What you think about alliance AEGIS? 

   -Its only alliance in game now was N1 always and we will do everything to stay like this.

   -You as the best warrior in world for which country you would like to fight for and against?

   -I am interested to see turkey on battlefield if they are as good oponents as allys and i would like to fight with slovenian guys their organisation inspires me

-What are the goals and attitudes of your military unit?

   -Our first prio is to fight for Georgia and his interests next we will fight where it will be needed, i am doing evrything to help my solders to show them on the battlefield , and my goal is to continue like that and i am happy to playing this game couse of my solders we are freinds first and everything is start from it .

-How do you imagine Georgia in the future?

   -Georgia will be TOP country forever and i will do evrything for it even i will sell my house if it needed :D 

   -Who is the most powerful country in the game?

   - Croatia , becouse of all factors

   - Do you think that game becomes boring ? 

   -I think that administration must do something to make game more interesting for now we players are doing everything to not become game boring.

   -The best diplomat in the world?

   - Ofc You and Shiroe

  - Thanks for interesting interview your grace

  -Thank you!



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Comments (16)

23 Jul 17 07:09

no no you are not best diplomat :)) you are war starter :)) HQ serbian killer :))

23 Jul 17 07:16

JanGo is really cool guy and real patriot of his edomHomeland :D I can t imagine eGeorgia without him tbh. and yes Croatians are really OP and respectable opponents. Turko-Georgian conflict would be something interesting and very challenging for us. even if it will lower our sphere of influence over north-eastern europe and we may face some new problems, we must do everything to keep balance in game and fight against worthy opponents. it s really boring to bully weak countries...

23 Jul 17 07:19
Navy Seal

Arion, We have not ,,Turko-Georgian conflict yet. And I hope we will not have it ;) It s Fact That Turkey left Aegis and Made MMP laws with exGUN countries. But nothing more.

23 Jul 17 07:31

sure, i know that we are at good terms with Turkey in this game, but we could change situation. so it would stimulate regrouping current powers and creating some new alliances. new conflicts are making us even more stronger and united lel. btw are we planing to organise new raids on northern europe (aka northern crusades)?

23 Jul 17 08:29

o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/

23 Jul 17 08:49

Interesting article. :)

23 Jul 17 09:07

There were no interesting questions - and corresponding answers. In vain lost translation time.

23 Jul 17 09:47
lonely wolf


23 Jul 17 11:46


23 Jul 17 13:37
Franky Four Fingers

When i read this article i have two thoughts= * people should play with respect to each other like You do and insulting must be stigmatised even by own background **there should be a limit for visa players. The game can t make people homeless :D

24 Jul 17 06:18

How many times do we need interview with him? Is he only player worth interviewing? Stop jerkin off on jango

24 Jul 17 07:03

I want to read interviev with Tsilo and his history with Sweden :D

24 Jul 17 08:47
John Constantine

I wanted to know what s his job and how much did he spent on this game (as dollar or euro)

24 Jul 17 10:48
Frida K


25 Jul 17 00:31

Next one will be interview with sasha grey!

25 Jul 17 00:35