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Pilot: Outer Heaven Foundation |

Published in South Africa - Social interactions and entertainment - 1 - 28 Apr 17 02:38


o7 Fellow eDominators!

Today is the 3rd days since we began eDominating this brave new world. Today also marks the foundation of Outer Heaven, an idea of soldiers camaraderie, a band of brothers spanning the entire world.

Outer Heaven refers to a number of concepts that all pertain to our dream, which involves ending the abuse and exploitation of soldiers by the worlds governments, based on our interpretation of this thought. Because of our mercenary status, our questionable tactics on the battlefield, we are frequently referred to by our nemesis as pirates. On the contrary, we are a combination of the best aspects of a state army and special forces unit.

Outer Heaven is a soldiers paradise existing free of any one global powers political control, or a home for those shunned amidst a global war. A group willing to perform unsavory jobs for whatever client needed it, expanding the concept from one which merely takes in soldiers without a homeland, to a full on and infamous mercenary force.

Outer Heaven is a sanctuary for disillusioned soldiers, where they will not be used as pawns of their government, and where they would always have a place, be it on the battlefield or in society in general.



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28 Apr 17 02:44