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Strange Photos from History 2 |

Published in Indonesia - Social interactions and entertainment - 14 - 03 Aug 17 06:10

Strange Photos from History was most popular article so we going further. Article will be published in Indonesia.

History Magazine nr.17 - Strange Photos from History 2

Waiters serve lunch to two steel workers on a girder high above New York City on November 14, 1930, during construction of the famed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Women boxing on a roof at RKO Studios, Hollywood, 1938

Vehicles and pedestrians stand in chaos in Stockholm, Sweden on September 3, 1967, the day that the country switched from driving on the left side of the road to the right.

Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla sits near his magnifying transmitter — an advanced version of the famed Tesla coil that he used for the wireless transmission of electrical energy — n his Colorado Springs laboratory, 1899

Horse diving was a popular spectacle through much of the 19th century, with horses (with or without a person onboard) would jump from towers into a pool of water from heights as great as 60 feet.

Members of the Young Pioneers, a Soviet government youth group, don gas masks as part of an attack preparation drill in the Leningrad area, 1937

Beach policeman Bill Norton measures the distance between a womans knee and the bottom of her swimsuit to be sure that its not too large — in keeping with rules of the time — in Washington, D.C., 1922

Admiral Byrds snow cruiser passes through traffic and onlookers before halting for the night in Framingham, Massachusetts, on November 12, 1939.

to be continued...


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Another great edition. Nice to see photos with Nikola Tesla and Admiral Byrd.

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