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Well this is still unknown game to me and country but I am sure ill know this Country very soon.Ive chosen this small country as peacefull and friendly and wanted to try something new.This new is Algeria.The country is small and uncovered but I am sure with growth and prosperity which me and couple of my friends will try to make more wealth and prosperious.Ive started this game almoust from the begining so still need to have to catch sp,e ropes to this game,but as I am born  optimistic Ive think i can do it. I am Alex Popovic some of my friends already know me but Ive think with my knoledge and experience which I have playing the games and being in some sort of real life politics I can bring growth and prosperity to this great country.
I am calling all people whether Algerians,Europians,Asia or any kind of people to come to Algeria,because unity and be united will make this country prosperious and wealth.

For timebeing thats all from me.


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