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History of Bicycle

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History Magazine nr.18 will be published in Thailand, my new citizenship country. As prime minister of Thailand I call you to join us and raise Thai form ashes to stars :D

History of Bicycle

The bicycle has a history that goes back about 600 years and is quite different than the bike as we know today.Many major innovations have dramatically transformed the bicycle’s form and features over the years. Earlier models had two wheels, but no way to steer, and even required a running start. One at a time, features were slowly developed such as mechanisms to steer, a way to propel the bicycle forward without touching the ground, and system to slow and stop he bike.

1418. Giovanni Fontana built the first human powered land vehicle -- it had four wheels and used an endless rope connected via gears to the wheels.


1790 The first contraption that can realistically be said resembles a bicycle was constructed  by Comte Mede de Sivrac of France.


1817 Karl Drais invents the steerable laufmaschine.


1839 Scottich Kirkpatrick Macmillan invents a system of levers and pedals for velocipedes. This allows riders to propel the machine with their
feet off the ground.

Pedals are added to the steerable laufmaschine. Its unclear who did it first: Pierre Michaux, his son Earnest Michaux or Pierre Llament.

The original pedal-bicycle, with the serpentine frame, from Pierre Lallements US Patent No. 59,915 drawing, 1866

1866James Starley, a British engineer, invents the penny farthing.


Unicycle is invented


Torker Unicycle

1876 English inventors Browett and Harrison patent an early caliper brake

1878 George william Dennistoun Scott and George Henry Phillott patent the first practicable epicyclic change-speed gear fitted into the
hub of a front-driving bicycle.

1878 The first portable bike is made by William Grout.

1879 Henry J. Lawson patents the bicyclette-a rear wheel, chain-driven safety bicycle.

1880s The adult tricycle is invented and offers a more dignified alternative to its high-wheeled counterpart.

1888 John oyd Dunlop patents pneumatic tires (inflatable tubes) in Ireland.

1889 The pedal-back brake is patented by Daniel Stover and William Hance.

1897 The duck brake is invented

1897 Hosea W. Libbey files a patent for a mid-drive electric bicycle design.

1924 The velocar is invented by Charles Mochet.

1933 Cruiser bikes are invented and sold by Schwinn.


Schwinn Admiral Cruiser model 1934

1940 Built-in kickstands are developed.

1979 Joe Breeze creates the mountain bike.


Breezer 1 Mountain Bike

1984 Cogs are added to the rear gear cluster for the first time, and the number of speeds increases from 15 to 18, 21 and 24.

1989 The Sanyo Encale electric bike is released with NiCd batteries, a big advancement from lead-acid batteries.

1991 The conference bicycle is invented by Eric Staller.


2002 Campagnolo develops a 10-cog rear cluster making 30-speed bikes possible.


2009 Shimano develops electronic gears that allow for faster shifting.

2012 The ADAPTRAC system is developed to allow riders to instantly inflate or deflate their tires while riding.


2014 Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2 or NMC) batteries gain popularity becoming most used lithium battery for e-bikes.



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Presenting a bit of culture as always! Keep it up!

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I ve got a bunch of pics from bike museum in netherlands, i could send you some if i find em

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