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I write to you on Day 3 of the New World in hopes of humbly serving you in the first ever Congress of the United States of America.  I have been reincarnated through the powers that be in many different universes (usually the exact same name because Im not all that creative) and I want to put those collective experiences to use.  Finally.  I dont have any images to use yet.  Sorry for that.  Heres what I think about things though.


Many Americans lose interest in this world because of (insert reason), but none stand out so much as the Old Boys Club that politics becomes.  Sooner rather than later, people entrench themselves into political roles, form inner circles and share titles and responsibilities in a revolving door-like cycle that is nothing short of an abuse of power.  Government also tends to become bloated, confusing and hard to maintain.  In a world of war and medals, do we really need sweeping democratic laws and lengthy Constitutions that end up being neglected and forgotten?  Nope.  All kinds of departments and agencies that end up neglected?  Nah.  We need economic and foreign policies that strengthen the USA through the mechanics of our world.  We need a government that engages its citizens, opens doors for new blood with ways to be involved in the metagame of politics, acts quickly, decisively and with Americans best economic interest at heart.

- Establish tutorial for individual success for new players.  This is just a thing.
- Form necessary departments/agencies only.  We just dont need most of these.
- Keep off-site government lean.  Too many laws, meeting rooms, etc. lead to a jaded government.


One thing is always a constant in our world; war.  With the world so new, there arent many military units that can really shape the battlefield, but there will be and the USA needs to be at the forefront.  A key to military success is a well-funded weapon and food supply for all active military personnel, this is a top priority.  Add a proper communal unit established early for heavy hitting Americans and I believe this is a recipe for major success in the future.

    - Establish well-funded government issued weapon and energy supply for all citizens.- Form commune unit based on strength, for higher quality gear and damage.


In similar games, there are always helpful tools available and a wealth of people that understand the finer points of game mechanics.  We need that.  Plain and simple really.

    - Explore the creation of tools/calculators.

So thats what I think about things.
Vote for me!


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