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Here's a Thought, Make Gambling Legal! |

Published in United States of America - Social interactions and entertainment - 0 - 28 Apr 17 11:09

A thought came up in a Discord chat about what we can do to have a little more fun here. And a possible way to make money for our respective countries. Comments are GREATLY APPRECIATED, as I am writing to get a discussion going on the plausability of the idea.

Gambling as in a single casino game, the easiest to come up with would be the Slot machine.

But more than just a game that the money come from the ADMINs, the game is run by each country, ie President/Congress. The money lost to the game go to the country and the money won also comes from the country as well. Call it a way to have people get something from the country the protect and pay taxes to. You know people grumbling over the wages and this is a way to offset them.

Here is how I see this game setup:

    Bets Allowed of $1, $5, $10 and $25 local currency (changeable by Congress and President). No gold bets!
    All winnnings will be in Local Currency. Winnings are set by type of slot machine ie, if its a simply 1 line or a multi-line slot. The Prize money amount is set by Congress and President, just like you would any law or tax. 
    Any moneys lost to the game are sent to the country of citizenship and into the countrys account. 
    Minimum player level 20, we cant have noobs without cash. (changeable by Congress and President)
    Lock out new citizens (changed citizenship) from playing for at least 15 - 30 days, to minimize gambling hacks.

Now, I know you are already grumbling about why should the country pay and not the ADMINs. Well to be blunt, the countries that are most active can reap the rewards for the citizens while the smaller ones can focus on getting there.

This is not suppose to be a perfect system, but a way for countries to give back to their people. This can spur spending, for those that win. This can also spur money needed for RWs, its another way for countries to entice people to join their side and make it great.

Please comment, make a suggest... Do something to be heard and see how we can make good changes here to the benefit of all!


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