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History Magazine stop publishing on day 159 because of mods politics supporting fachi/naci propaganda.

Playboy Magazine Last Number |

Published in Croatia - First steps in eDominations - 10 - 28 Apr 17 16:09

My 1st article is deleted by moderator, so my journalist career is over......

thx all voters and subscibers for this

and now go in....

and pray

while I praying for the forgiveness of sins...

ok, no problem,  you know this is online game?

btw I saw  NUDES on adds on this site too, so remove adds please



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28 Apr 17 16:10


28 Apr 17 16:28

Nice, s204, good journal avatar xD now sub mine:

28 Apr 17 17:05

You could keep up with non nude pictures! Please continue

28 Apr 17 17:28

Hahaha awesome :D

29 Apr 17 03:53

Last point was great, adds: europe hot girls looking for you,click on it :D

29 Apr 17 05:44

Yea, please continue with non nudes! :)

29 Apr 17 06:16

We all know what trademark Playboy mean, must be at least 1-2 nude pictures inside, Im not publish noting vulgar , only 3 nude pictures of beautiful girls. btw Im already prepared may article with some newest tech gadgets and interview with epeople inside, but it will not be published (even original playboy published in 1953 was not forbiden) Its hard to write anything when your 1st article is deleted. I know their game, their rules, my will play or not, but if you want me to play I need fun, NO FUN, NO PLAY

29 Apr 17 09:30

yeah, i want boobs :P

29 Apr 17 09:32
stannis baratheon

xd so comic

29 Apr 17 15:46