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First in this morning u said 300m is too much ( I told geos had almost 250m for eat that wall ) and a days ago, u make 400m over kill in last 10 min ( for be sure u were winner as u said )

Second u said 6 days ago, we will DW to poland in 2 days and everyday u ask me, one, one more day so here we are, u didnt start dw before they dont come on ur cores

Third, u talk me like if our planes goes well, we will help u, if not we will let poland do what they want

Fourth, u talk me about 2 front is hard for u, when we had 3 front against SA 2 weeks ago, for u

And last Crle will be ur next cp, who call georgia cryorgia and call me and my friends kids all time, on feed on gov chat atc. p.s. TRUST - T R U ST this for krle... easy to break, easy to lost and hardest to get... yea china had our trust, but as u know I cant trust u anymore


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03 Oct 17 04:17
lonely wolf

Hail Loyal Allies :) which is so hard to find here :)

03 Oct 17 04:17

ok. your choice bro. gl

03 Oct 17 04:18


03 Oct 17 04:18
Master Mind

good luck

03 Oct 17 04:18

who die?

03 Oct 17 04:19

good luck china

03 Oct 17 04:19


03 Oct 17 04:19

GL Georgia.. Thought we WERE brothers..

03 Oct 17 04:19
Ulysses Grant

No words.

03 Oct 17 04:22

Nice ingrish

03 Oct 17 04:22

Nj. Congrats

03 Oct 17 04:23

china betrays again againd and over again

03 Oct 17 04:23

Smells like drama.

03 Oct 17 04:25

Maybe a marriage month trial can fix it D: !!!

03 Oct 17 04:27

I cant wait for more bubatu tears about this lel

03 Oct 17 04:28

No more dramaaaa in this life

03 Oct 17 04:29

Yes you are definitely kid. Look now guyz now we start DW on Poland and i can talk. First of all you all know that Poland start war vs Georgia our big friends and ofc they asked for HELP. China was close to be deleted but with good coordination of our govemenrts and MU we did a lot and save our core regions take back 3x100% and push out Chile and from today Peru. In past days we had some channel with Georgian goverment where we made plans about future and we said CHINA WILL HELP AND WE WILL DW Poland for 100%. But we told after we push out Peru cuz we dont want to play on 2 fronts that will drain us and our DW on Poland will be fail. And yes Georgia said ok we will wait and we also expected that we will remove Peru fast but we didnt. Yestrday Georgian CP aksed us to DW Poland we said no untill end of Peru battle cuz if we DW enemy will see it and myb they will go hard to help Peru in 3rt round and like that myb win. Like that we will have 2 fronts and thats bad so we said wait end of battle then we go DW cuz we repsect you a lot. Then Durent started to CRY i can say for sure he made us really mad but still we wanted to fix it and we waid MAN UNDERSTAND THAT WE NEED FIRST TO REMOVE PERU THEN WE COME. But as you can all see somebody who ACT like a KID cant be CP of one country cuz his personal opinion is in front of opinion of his country. Also y i can say for JanGo that he also act like a KID , after first lose vs Poland he start to cry on all shout wall how he is alone, how everybody insult him but he dont remember in pas when Georgia was TOP 1 country how he insult other ppl ( also me ) saying some thinks about my mother and nobody punish him for that. He was like i have full star i have strong MU strong country i can do anything. Nice bro i like it but i can see in hard times you cant be strong and stay calm. You lost region and said i go in 2 click and cry. Ppl like you cant be in govement cuz you dont act like man who is STRONG IN HARD SITUATIONS.

03 Oct 17 04:36

You should be embarrassed cause you think China did all this for ourselves. You know there is a country called USA who was being deleted again and again and didn t say a word. yeah that country is the same as the one you want us to ditch and leave deleted cause you lost ONE bonus region. and when i say YOU i mean the CP not whole country ofc.

03 Oct 17 04:41
lonely wolf

USA isnt insulted and betrayed by china as I know

03 Oct 17 04:45

Personal opinions are personal opinions, if you use them on GLOBAL lvl for good of your country then you are a fail. If you are in goverment then act like a grow man and act with brain for good of your country and allies. When i said DONT ACT LIKE A KID thats cuz i want you the best and i want you to hear us and folow the plan and to make good strategy, now its looks like 1 man who is in 2 click is a country and if you say KID then you said KID to country LOL... Anyway we will see what will happen and i wish you all the best o7

03 Oct 17 04:49

@tsilo if you want to bring the betrayal thing on look again cause last time i checked geo started CPP law not china . so i think you messed up on who betrayed who...

03 Oct 17 04:53

Ppl of Georgia you didnt lose China think about that, we are still allies and we wait for your answer o7

03 Oct 17 05:19
Mord Fustang

One simple truth here, Kevin: you re not ditching China by canceling the MPP; You re just digging your own grave. Your cancellation stunt is one bad PR campaign, nothing more.

03 Oct 17 05:46

Georgia maybe you want new ally? Like ePL or eSpain?

03 Oct 17 05:50

#Krle - Great friendships depend on the relationship between 2-3 People. For us always negative words from you. I have nothing against China, But I have more against you. This is my private position. I am not GOV and is not depend on me what GEO will make but this is my opinion about you

03 Oct 17 06:23

No need to talk with a guy who dont use head but cry after 1 lose battle... I hate ppl who cry and act like a kids but dont want to sit down and make some plan, play with a strategy. Also be vulgary on shouts give us good picture of you.

03 Oct 17 09:19
Kevin Durant

@krle all China players pm me that there is mofa for contact and Krle wont be our bridge for contact, but u still come here and talk too much... if China want talk yes I am here with my gov members, but we will talk without u... Cryorgia(as u call us ) is country who dont give a fuck for bonuses No respect = No allies with us

03 Oct 17 10:50

1. Yup there is MoFA and i am not so i am not that ,,bridge. 2. I talk too much cuz you write lie and still act like a kid. 3. Well 2 more days you have to talk after that you will need to talk with me. 4. Plz give me SS where i said CRYORGIA PLZ !!! I SIMPLY WANT TO SEE THAT :D thats another lie from you so that show us how you want to destroy friendship bettwin China ana Georgia. 5. If you want really to talk you should send msg or come on diskord, simply you first started with this article. 6. and yes before article you was the one who left diskord chat ( ) 7. I really dont understand this ,, Cryorgia(as u call us ) is country who dont give a fuck for bonuses No respect = No allies with us 8. Admit that you fail as CP and give normal ppl to play.

03 Oct 17 12:27
Kevin Durant

@krle I cant talk with person who has brain damage.... pls ask ur gov contact with me :( u are just 1 troll... if need SS ask ur gov talk with me :D xD anyway I am person who didnt show everyone whats going on in GOv chat gj man

03 Oct 17 12:41

Me neither so i think its time to stop talk with you. ,, if need SS ask ir goverment talk witm me Dont understand what you wanted to say. I show just that you left, did i show ppl some plans? Did i show how aggressive you was? Did i show them how you just said that we want to lose Georgia us allies? You started this all bro, i am sad cuz your country can lose great alllies like China cuz of you :(

03 Oct 17 14:10
Hugo de Payens

So much bad english here.....

03 Oct 17 14:11
Kevin Durant

still same... stop man go ask ur friends their age

03 Oct 17 14:53
Dead Undead

Im farty one.