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Published in United States of America - Social interactions and entertainment - 8 - 29 Apr 17 02:30


Hello eDomination citizens,

This is a bit of a re-do of something that was done before in another game. I believe... I stated clearly what would happen to sub4subbers who spammed my inbox asking for subs:


Now... dont get me wrong but this spam is something I will never support:


This is a plague. It makes the main feed impossible to use except for this reductive and bullsh*t purpose. I get it... everyone needs gold and wants gold but doesnt it feel better to receive gold for hard earned journalism? Or am I alone in that quest to actually provide quality articles instead of providing people this sort of bullcrap?

Look at this:


Amazing newspaper asking for sub but... where the f*ck is the article? No banners, no cover, no newspaper logo and no article. Pathetic.

Final newspaper score: -10 (utter garbage)

And this one:


Quality newspaper... perfect for sub I mean... at least it has an article. Still... no banners, no cover, no newspaper logo and the article is literally a regurgitating vomit spam asking for subs again in addition to the main feed and possible pm spams.

Final newspaper score: -5 (garbage)

Oh look at this one:


Owner at least managed to put a little more effort. Theres article and logo... I mean thats a decent start and the article language reveals the author is educated. Still no banners or cover.

Final newspaper score: +5 (reasonable). Would even PM this person to at least give it some improvements and to write interesting stuff.

I could go on but I think you all get what Im saying... so until this pestilence in the main feed stops and people get the hell off my inbox asking for subs they did not earn with at least one quality article, you will see some articles listing some utterly bad newspapers and documenting people whove been subbustered!



Today I bring you two cases... people who did have the audacity of spamming me asking for subs!



Like I said... I get it, we all want gold. But if you want my sub... youre gonna have to earn it. I was really looking for some entertaining... you see popcorn and all but... I was denied that! So I had to Subbuster the man!



Yes I know... I suffer from selective lapses of memory sometimes... Its a shame really... But I really had some faith on this guy! I mean... I was hoping to drag out his true potential!!! But guess what? He didnt even reply :(

Forgiven (or maybe not....!! )

I know... this is probably the surprise of the day but I did forgive one. Not really for the content of his article because... again its next to utter garbage but... the fact someone goes this far for subs is... impressive:


I mean... man, how much copy pasting can you do per second?!?


Im sorry but... youre not forgiven and you should have expected to not get any sub from someone who trolls sub4subbers for a living ;)


You know it now... stay tuned for more subbusting!

You may all return to your regularly scheduled clicking!

Thank you and kind regards,



Comments (8)

29 Apr 17 02:32

First denied

29 Apr 17 02:35
lonely wolf

Sub for ABE!

29 Apr 17 02:43
Grey Wind


29 Apr 17 03:14

if times that wasted for this stupid sub4sub used for inviting players to this game it has much more profit for those which looking for sub :)

29 Apr 17 04:53
Mord Fustang


29 Apr 17 07:17

This is why I subbed abe, so I could watch him troll all the idoits posting shit articles.

29 Apr 17 14:28

i voted and subbed because I like REAL articles!

29 Apr 17 18:00

Subed for entertaining us the Sub for Sub lifestyle