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What does this mean?
Partisan warfare is a small, but serious change into war module which has a simple plan: 
Countries will suffer damage penalty for all its citizens for every none-core region they control.
Currently, we think this percentage of damage reduction to be equal to 1.5% for every province.
For example, let s take Belarus.
Belarus have 5 core regions.
If Belarus conquer 4 regions different than their core ones, Belarus citizens will start to suffer damage reduction equal to 4 x 1,5 = 6% for every of their battles.
If Belarus lose any of those 4 none-core regions or conquer more such, their damage reduction will raise or decrease according to this system.
This reduction currently we do not plan to be limited. This means, if the country decides to conquer too many regions, they need to be prepared to lose the mentioned damage.
The damage decrease also will affect the medals damages gain. If you normally hit 10000 damage, but suffer 9% due to Partisan Warfare, this means your hits will become 9100 and for medals will be counted as 9100.
Same will be valid for all countries and will affect all their citizens. UPDATE-

What does this mean ?

Simply giving extra damage bonus to agressor if agressor have connections to the defender territory more than 1.

Lets make an example,
- In this screen lets say Spain attacked France, What spain got because of this attack ? 

- Spain have 4 more connections to central france region, so it means Spain will get %20 Damage bonus against France only on that region. 

- For example; Spain had 10 non-core regions. So this means -%15 minus damage spain had before spain attack. But now with %20 bonus, Spain have +%5 bonus damage on that front. This is not removing penalty of partisan warfare.

- Spain damage calculation will be for only Spain citizens not for allys. This mean Lets say algeria have -%15 minus because of non-core regions. Algeria wants to help Spain.. Algeria damage will be counted as -%15. They will not be affected on Spain damage changes. 

What happens Spain doesnt capture and turn is on France.
- We said that Spain had -%15 Damage penalty because of non core regions. So spain still have it but now France found 1 more connection to that Spain region. 
- This means France will get %5 more damage upon Spain. France doesnt had any non-core regions but now this is an advantage of France. 
- Allies of France will help France as like algeria did ( Doesnt affected any damage bonus of France ), Spain side is the same.

Basicly who attacks the other one, will get advantage based on connections of defender region. 


UPDATE WILL BE ACTIVE IN THE SAME DAY WITH PARTISAN WARFARE - DAY 177 - to say, you can always also contact and follow us on:

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Thank you all very much again for your support!

eDominations team



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10 Oct 17 05:59


10 Oct 17 06:00


10 Oct 17 06:00

je pige que dalle mdr

10 Oct 17 06:03


10 Oct 17 06:04
Salamander Man


10 Oct 17 06:05


10 Oct 17 06:06

Creó que las ideas no tienen la idea clara

10 Oct 17 06:06

equal al core regions

10 Oct 17 06:08

njabovi :D

10 Oct 17 06:08
Kanon de Geminis


10 Oct 17 06:10
Ulysses Grant

Me gusta

10 Oct 17 06:11
Frida K

Spain is an example to the world (?)

10 Oct 17 06:14

in my opinion this damage reduction could happen only for the all no-core regions and not for all regions

10 Oct 17 06:14

Everything about this is good except medal and military rank or penalties. That s stupid and imbalanced

10 Oct 17 06:16

Please Spain do not attack France :(

10 Oct 17 06:20

sta kaze-sta kaze a?:)

10 Oct 17 06:21
ServerBatu The RAT KILLER

make game more dead.. gj admins..

10 Oct 17 06:22

The penalty affects MOSTLY the initialy small countries, that is ANFAIR! The penalty would be aply, ONLY for the regions that NOT contribute ANY PRODUCTION BONUS, because the country ALLREADY has another region with the same product.

10 Oct 17 06:23


10 Oct 17 06:24

another bad decision from Admin team, i think they are preparing for 3rd game

10 Oct 17 06:26


10 Oct 17 06:27

At day 177 can we expect change number of core region? You say that in last article but there u miss this point :-)

10 Oct 17 06:28

Good job admin. Now we have to try and make better strategies. What about RW battles? How these new updates will affect it?

10 Oct 17 06:29

Hail France

10 Oct 17 06:31

Nice, we dont need how to calculate the damage reduction to conquer france :)

10 Oct 17 06:32

surrounded 5% is to much, 3% is ok

10 Oct 17 06:32

@debugerXX Resistance wars will not be affected by the surrounded bonus. Only on direct fronts.

10 Oct 17 06:35
Navy Seal

Does this damage reduction working on TA battles? Becouse if Spain is attacking France, And I am helping spain and will have minus 15%, what the hell me to do? And when some countries have 10 + Regions and for example Georgia has only 5, What us to do? Why is overpower again? :D

10 Oct 17 06:38

make game more dead.. gj admins.. x2

10 Oct 17 06:41

france stronkk

10 Oct 17 06:45

Dajte na Sprski da vas cela Hrvacka razume

10 Oct 17 06:46
John Doe

Lets talk about the name of this warfare. Insted of PARTIZAN i vote for LEVSKI for example ! Pravoslavlje o/

10 Oct 17 06:49
Zheng Ying

make game more dead.. gj admins.. oh come on guys, why do you think this is not good change, it will stop farming, taking regions that are not needed, deleting countries etc, or maybe you dont like that you have to think with your brain and make strategy how to keep your bonuses??? Support for admin and constant work on game, keep it up guys o/ also @Milos I would vote for Levski and tesni .... :D

10 Oct 17 06:53
Aria hunter


10 Oct 17 06:57

ADMIN the system proposed IS WRONG!!! By this way you condamn LITTLE COUNTRIES (es Cyprus) to remain small!!! THIS IS NOT FAIR! GET MY PROPOSAL. Is much much much better!

10 Oct 17 07:01
ServerBatu The RAT KILLER

@diesel no we will do more farm then past, cause medals will be useless and inefficient for fight..

10 Oct 17 07:24
virus jack


10 Oct 17 07:27
Zheng Ying

I agree it will be harder to get regions to win wars, also, big countries with more core regions will have advantage, but Im sure admins know that and they will work on it so everyone have same conditions. But this update is not bad, just have to be made so everyone have same chances

10 Oct 17 07:33

njabovi :D *2 . Its long time I dont read admin news. I dont know why but seems updates is going to be boring or something like that. You need to make the game interesting for all players(if I was in government such as mod I read it surely) Do something like that another old game which is trying to relive their game after about 4000 days and seems they are successful.

10 Oct 17 07:37


10 Oct 17 07:43

pocelo je i tu :D :D

10 Oct 17 07:49
Judy Alvarez

I like this Partisan warfare + Surrounded duo. I m happy with this update, let s see how it works out! Can t wait!

10 Oct 17 07:49

Time to farm.. :v

10 Oct 17 09:34

Hail Algeria

10 Oct 17 09:47
H r v a t k o

za dom 45

10 Oct 17 10:18

Piši bre hrvacki

10 Oct 17 10:22

Admins you are drunk? Shitty update!

10 Oct 17 10:29
Boris Bizetic

Too high percentages, it s not smart enough

10 Oct 17 11:01

RIP France.

10 Oct 17 12:06

Worst update ever... the game lose its sense... you can t conquest the empire because you will be penalized with less, what s the sense of the game now?

10 Oct 17 15:25

this killing small countries

10 Oct 17 15:36

I don t think this update favors every country, it might prejudice others, while it may benefit some.

10 Oct 17 15:41

Vote for NO! Why you dont help small countries?

10 Oct 17 22:55

V Very nice add to the fighting section of the game.

11 Oct 17 02:39

It has some advantages, after day 177 all countries from same alliance will have to get different 100% bonuses so they wont get dmg reduction. All countries will be richer except for the empires

11 Oct 17 04:37

Good update! Thus who writes that this is bad, dont even used there brains

11 Oct 17 12:08

90% tax refund on your companies and work tax refund 2/3 in Argentina is returned in less than 24 hours

12 Oct 17 00:40

AravchamotPuri, not be so sure... The dmg penalty is MINIMAL for big countries and ENORMOUS for the small ones (with initialy only 2-4 regions). This is NOT FAIR! Check my proposal.

17 Oct 17 10:08
Godric Gryffindor

I didn t understand a fucking word of it.

19 Oct 17 07:32

Do u have inside?