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[GOV] Slovenia’s comment on Partisan Warfare

Published in Slovenia - Political debates and analysis - 12 - 10 Oct 17 16:44


Dear friends in the world of eDominations,

As you could read in the latest Admin News, on Day 177 we are getting an interesting update - countries will suffer damage penalty for every none-core region they control. In case of Slovenia - who currently controls 24 regions, only 6 of them are core - that would mean 27% less Slovenian damage in all battles except RWs. It is quite clear that such damage loss would be unsustainable.

And what does our HQ have to say about that?

                                                                                                                          enigma the one, CP

Partisan Warfare could indeed be a big minus for us, but we can return 6 - 7 regions, if necessary, which will give us back 9 - 10,5% of the damage. Surrounded update is unpleasant too, because as you can see, we are surrounded with Croats from all sides, and they would have more attack bonus against us than the other way around. But I am sure that we can secure our regions - we have already done that and remember, we also hit back. We are already preparing for both of these updates by building our stocks, and we have already created an alliance according to election promises, so exciting times are ahead of us.

                                                                                     Frida K, MoFA

Sincerely, I like the updates, since little countries will now have importance and they wont be marginalized as in other similar games. I hope it will make a more balanced game, where everyone has its importance.

                                                       Macolar, Senior Economy Advisor and SEV Commander

I’m looking forward to try out new updates. :) They will spice things up and make people use their brain when conquering. Anyone who is against changes cant use brain. No matter if update is good or bad. Try to adapt to it, make most out of it! Think of solution how to get your country through this and enjoy! At first I thought its not fair for everyone. But when you look into it further it opens many new possibilities and options of warfare.

                                                            Leop, vMoFA and Foreign Legion Commander

Partisan Warfare surely has its advantages, but at the same time it also has its bad sides. The only bad thing for me is high damage debuff but I hope admins will find the way to adjust it for the greater good of the whole community. Some additions and changes are made so I hope for the best in the end.


A special announcement to Slovenian citizens: This weekend we are doing a so called “Question day”. On saturday a special Discord channel will be opened where members of our Government will answer all of your questions. We will then continue with Question days on every following sunday on the Discord voice channel.

This will be your operator:


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Comments (12)

10 Oct 17 16:53
Janez Grozni

Prvo vprašanje za operatorko: kaj dela v petek zvečer?

10 Oct 17 16:54


10 Oct 17 21:15

No vote.... kje je naš slovenski jezik? odkar je novi predsednik je vse angleško...razočaran..

10 Oct 17 22:12
frenk kersnik

Kajlo je templar ne zna več Slovensk.

11 Oct 17 00:58

Dejmo še mal po domače..............spodobi se.

11 Oct 17 01:38

Vsi vladni clanki doslej so bili v slovenscini, ta pa je namenjen predvsem mednarodni javnosti in je zato izjemoma v anglescini. Vsi nadaljnji bodo v nasem lepem jeziku, brez skrbi ;)

11 Oct 17 01:55
Frida K

Wohoo :D

11 Oct 17 02:19

No Janez No vote ❎

11 Oct 17 03:43

srečno janjezi

11 Oct 17 04:54

Always look at the positive side of things. Adapt to the new way of things. Take advantage of new opportunities and carefully utilize your resources.

11 Oct 17 07:57

fgriznu bi jo...

11 Oct 17 13:42

Hja,... jaz je ne bi grizel. Obstajajo boljše metode za izkazovanje naklonjenosti. Škofjiloki bomo pa dali nagobčnik, da ne bo naša operaterka preveč pogrizena....