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Media House Update |

Published in Bolivia - First steps in eDominations - 16 - 17 Oct 17 09:55

MEDIA HOUSE1.      General information:
Media house (MH) is a module which furtherimplements journalism in game. Besides personal newspaper, player can join or
create his own media house in which he will write and publish articles. What is
more, player will be able to get payment for doing so. For many players this
will mean a new extra sort of income in addition to working for employer and in
personal companies. Player can access MH through menu by choosing MH on
community menu.

2.      Creating and joining media house
a)     Creating media house
Player can create his own MH. For doing so, hemust reach level 22 and it will cost him 50 gold. For start, player chooses desired
name and creates media house (for now, name of media house can be changed later
for free). Player then becomes an owner (director) of that media house. Player
can only own one media house.
b)     Joining media house
Player can also join other media houses. Playercan be member of maximum 5 media houses (so he can be director of one and join
4 other as member – or join 5 other media houses if he does not have his own
media house). To join, player must apply to desired media house from the list.
Applying to media house will cost him 5 gold. if player chooses to leave media
house, he will have to pay 5g again to join no matter if he was previously a
member or not.
Important: It is better for player to contactthe director of media house before applying and agree on what kind of writers
director needs. Player can apply to any media house, but director might not
need more journalists and will not accept applications that were not discussed

3.      Settings in media house
Media house has 3 general categories on main page. Newspapers, Treasury andJournalists.
Newspaper category is used to create newnewspapers, activate or deactivate them and access to articles for each
newspaper. New articles can only be written in activated newspapers.
Treasury consists of gold and local currency(see more in Media house treasury section).
Journalists category shows all journalists thatapplied or joined to media house. On that section, you can check who is joined
to media house, see his personal news, his rank in media house and can also
check all articles that player has written in this media house so far.
Director can access to main settings on media house on upper rightcorner by clicking edit icon.
On edit page, he can see media houses country of origin (where MH wascreated), he can change MHs name, write deion of MH, upload logo, cover
banner and choose 3 different options of subions (see more on subions
Director also has 2 bonus options which apply for members of MH(authors). First one is subion % and other one endorse %:
Subion %: It is a percent of subionthat goes to author of article if player subscribes to newspapers from his
article. Example: Subion costs4 gold and subion % is 25%. Player now subscribes to newspaper directly
from that article. Author will get 1 gold, because his article was so good and
persuaded player to subscribe. Other 3 gold go to media house treasury.
Subion % can be chosen from 0-50%. 0% is default.
Endorse %: When player give endorsement toauthors of article, this % will decide how much author gets. Example: if this % is set to 50%, andplayer endorses on article 50cc, 25cc will go to author and 25cc to media house
treasury. Endorse % can be chosen from 50-100%. 50% is default.
All options from main MH settings are applied to new newspapers made andnew members that join. Director can later set all these settings individually
for each newspaper and member alone.
4.      Watchers and subscribers
Watchers of media house are same as subscribers are on players personalnews. By watching a media house, player will get alerts when media house
publishes new article. After that, he can decide whether to subscribe to news
in MH or not. Director chooses upon his personal decision if he wants to alert
watchers of new article or not.
Subscribers are all players, who pay subion to news in media house.If media house has more active newspapers, players subscribe to newspapers they
want. When new article is published in subscribed newspaper, subscribers get
alert automatically. If article is published in newspaper on which they are not
subscribed, they are considered as watchers.
5.      Media house treasury
Media house has its own treasury. The treasury consists of gold andcurrency. Default currency of media house is currency of country where media
house was created. Any member of media house can donate to treasury. Gold and
currency from treasury are used to create new newspapers inside media house and
to pay writers for their articles. Gold and currency also come in treasury from
subions on newspapers.
6.      Newspapers
a)     Creating newspaper
Creating new newspaper in MH costs 2 gold. Those 2 golds are withdrawnfrom MH treasury. There is no limit how many newspapers can be created in MH.
Director can so choose to make new newspaper for each different topic if he
wishes so.
b)     Newspaper settings
To edit newspaper settings, director must click on desired news and thenchoose options button on upper right corner. He can change newspaper name (free
for now), deion, logo, cover and duration and price for subions.
For each newspaper, settings can be different. By making changes on newspaper
settings, settings from media house main settings are overwritten for that
7.      Articles
a)     Creating
Director or writer can create new articles in newspapers. To create newarticle, player choses desired newspaper and creates article same as he does on
his personal newspaper.
Two things are added when creating article in MH newspaper:
-         Articledeion: writer must write good deion for an article, because this
deion will be shown to players who are not yet subscribed to this
newspaper. It is upon deion whether players will subscribe to news, buy
article or not, so author must choose wisely what to write in it.
-         Tickbox besides publish button: By ticking, author agrees that he expects no
payment for his work. This is option for people who wish to make articles in
MH, but they want to do it for free for any reason. This option ticked allows
director to set article online without paying author or pay him 0. Otherwise
director must pay before activating article.
b)     Editing article
Director, author and editors (see ranks section) can edit articles.Director gets alert when author makes new article. Then he has time to edit
article himself or ordering author or editor to do so until contents are ok to
be published online. Articles can also be edited later when they are already
put online.
c)      Activating/deactivating/free readoptions for articles and payment to journalists
To activate article, director clicks on switchbesides article title. This opens a showup that shows who is author of the
article and gives options to activate/deactivate (if already active) article and
set article as free read.
Director must first pay author for his workbefore able to activate article or set it for free read (author must be payed
only first time when activating article, and not again after deactivation and
reactivation of article).
Director chooses amount and currency or gold topay to author and then uses activate button or free read button. Minimal
payment is set to 25cc or 0.2g by default (later idea is that country law will
regulate minimal fee just as one regulates minimal salary – if MH is stationed
in Bulgaria, law from Bulgaria will apply for this MH). Minimal fee is set, so
director cannot exploit authors work. If author wishes or agrees with director
to make article for free, he can tick the box before submitting the article.
Activate button will set article online in away that article must be payed before reading it. Either for article alone or subion
on newspaper.
Free read button will set article online andfree to read for every player in game. If article is set as free read, it will
also be seen besides article title when searching through articles in
On this show up, director also has option tochoose whether watchers will be alerted when activating article or not (toggle
switch). All subscribers on this newspaper will automatically be alerted.
8.      Subions
There are 3 possible options of subionsplayer can choose from.
Paying only for one article: If player onlylikes one article from newspaper he can choose to pay only for this article to
be able to read it. When player buys that article, he can read it any time he
wishes, no matter if he is subscribed or not. This can also be called one
article subion.
Then player has two more options ofsubion which director sets. Director must choose wisely not to set
subion fees too high or too low. Too high fees and people will not
subscribe, too low fees, director will not be able to cover costs he had when
paying the authors for their work. Director must also set appropriate duration
of subions. Minimal subion fee value is 0,2. In case director
wishes make article free, he can do so by activating it as free read.
When player then subscribes to newspaper, hissubion is active for the duration he payed. In this time, he can access
all articles within subscribed newspaper. After subion duration is over,
player must renew subion to that newspaper to be able to read them. He
might now just buy articles he liked, so he can read them anytime he wants.
Player must wait for subion to be over to use “pay for this article only”
9.      Endorsement
Players can endorse on articles same as they doon articles in personal news. There are two differences in media house
endorsement. Players can endorse only in currency of country in which media
house is stationed. That is why there is also gold endorsement option for all
who do not possess that country’s currency. Endorsing only in local MH’s
currency makes more sense than it seems. Media house has no use of many
different currencies it would get from endorsement. Local currency and gold can
be used to pay writers, therefore foreign country currency would be of no help
at all for director. If player wishes to endorse, he will do so in gold or buy
some local currency of that country to use currency endorsement and show
respect to writer’s hard work.
10.  Ranks in media house
There are different ranks in media house.
-         Inactive: this is rank player gets when applying tomedia house. He is not yet full member and cannot write any articles. By this rank,
director sees who are newly applied players to his MH.
-         Banned: Director has option to set someone’s rank asbanned. Director uses this rank to disable player to re-join media house or to
ban inactive ranked players who did not contact director before applying and
were not welcome in MH. Setting this rank, player is kicked and can no longer
join this media house as member.
-         Member: Member cannot yet write articles and is a rankwhich director uses to discipline author and take away his option to write articles.
However, player can still access that media house’s page.
-         Writer: a rank which allows member to write articlesin MH’s newspapers.
-         Editor: Is second highest rank in MH. Editor canactivate/deactivate articles, make them free to read, edit them and pay writers
for their articles. They however are not allowed to change any settings on MH,
newspapers or authors. There can be maximum of 3 editors in one MH.
-         Owner: Director has owner rank. However, he canassign another player to be co-owner. Owner ranks gives option to change all
settings in media house. Only 1 additional owner rank besides director can be
in media house. Director must choose trustworthy person to have an owner rank.
Co-owner however cannot change director’s (true MH owner’s) rank. Director is
always ranked as owner.
Important: Administration of the game will notbe hold responsible for any trouble editors or co-owner make in MH.


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o7 btw good ones

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What do subscribers win? Except from supporting their favourite content creators

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interesting! Media being important now!

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I don t understand s*it! can someone explain me in short whats this good for..? :D

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Interesting, but I will not continue writing anyway

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where do I create media house?

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Tomorrow I m starting Sports newspaper. PM if you would write for my magazine