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First Impressions
Well, we all know why am I writing this article, the famous Media Mogul medal. I have played several games like this and I think they all have something like this medal, but I always said, eeh, this is not for me, but now I said f**k it, I am doing it. And so I am here with an (now almost) empty page thinking what to write, because I think it is not fair to just post something to get subions, I have to at least try to write something. Beacause most of us is playing things game for only 5 days, except those who were testing it, we cant really talk about much yet, except our first impressions, and here are mine.

Finding the game
First let me tell where I found about this game. One evening around midnight I was wondering if I should go to sleep or what and I was checking one of Slovenias famous BitTorrent trackers if there are any new games to play over weekend. As you can see there werent any, but there was an article talking about new game with link, so I joined. It was really late but I just kept working on missions and I went to bed really excited what is going to happen in the next few days.

Next few days
Missions are geting finished and my first company is selling its products, my employees seem happy because nobody is resigning and our community is getting larger. I really like the chat, because you can easily talk to all your fellow countrymen. I was not even surprised when I saw that one of the most loud in chat was someone form the other games I played (skofjaloka). I was also glad that people wanted to join their strenght and help each other to set up first companys and help their eCountry. But now I am getting worried, because prices of my products are being lowered by new company owners trying to sell something and my refferals are not really active so no gold is comming to me. But still, we will play, try to survive and maybe earn something while fighting our way forward.

Hopes for the future
So what do we want in the future, wars, wars make everything more fun and they also need guns, which is nice if you have a gun factory. More players, more people more fun, simple as that. And probably what I wish for the most is that this game will not be just about spending money, I dont want to see few players buying massive amounts of gold and deciding battles on their own. I hope gold buyers wont be too powerful in this game, yes they have to have some kind of advantage otherwise they wouldnt be buying it and any game needs money to run, and that community will be as important and active as it is now.


And so it happened, my first ever article. If you have read it I hope you liked it, if you didnt like it, then you can sit and wait and hope I will write another one, better one.

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Ja sj se mi je zdel ja, najbolš da prevod nardim ane

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