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My Premature Inauguration

Published in Bulgaria - Political debates and analysis - 25 - 05 Dec 17 08:03

Haaaaai, guys

This won’t be the usual article that contains melancholy, suicidal thoughts, the search for life’s purpose and so on, that you expect to see.
This is the premature inauguration as President of the most awesome Bulgarian on the world – ME.

Before I go into pleasing my ego and the ego of my people, I want to announce that soon I will be the CP of this world. One advice! Better learn some steps to dance on the hymn of my ruling, or else I will have to delete you and your country from the face of the world:

I want to congratulate my fellow Bulgarian friends Splax and aenfear for becoming the country presidents of USA and China respectively. Now we officially can make the alliance „Тримата глупаци“ (THE THREE FOOLS) inspired by the amazing creation of Donyo Donev. You can see what it is here:

What will be the goals of my mandate?

I limit myself to only a few of them, because I should not talk too much, but act:

1. Not spending the country treasury on cocaine, gypsy prostitutes (to snort the cocaine from them) and alcohol which keeps me running lately.

2. Not switching the sides of Bulgaria LESS than 3 times for the time being of my mandate.

3. Not making more than 10 guys immigrate out from Bulgaria in this month – RIP BOGOMIL, RIP PROSTAK, RIP BANDERA! YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART… (not really)

4. Not stealing anything from the government and not making anyone from my family a state worker or benefitting anyone – brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, uncles and so on.

Now I have to present you the awesome government of the most mighty country in the world and on at least three planets Bulgaria:

Country President – danider

I don’t know what else to say than the fact that his dick is small, his balls are absent, he doesn’t know what is happening 24/7, he is abusing different substances and that he is in love with Makarov and Lilith and with that gypsy prostitute from Lion’s Bridge in Sofia that lets him snort cocaine from her backside while singing Levski Sofia chants.

Prime Minister/ Vice Country President/First Lady/The man in the president family – kris124

МНОГО НАЦЕПЕНА БАТКА С МНОГО ГОЛЯМА ПАТКА! (I guess google translate won’t help you much, but this means his body is ripped and that his dick is big, ladies). He is a proud carrier of the SAMO LEVSKI I TESNI PICHKI philosophy, he loves me unconditionally after all these months of enduring my monthly period and I love him a lot. He will responsible of taking decisions while I am under the influence of things (I hope he won’t be actually the president this month)

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Deflection

Actually I should ask the admins to rename the position, because nothing is foreign to him. He has more mandates as MoD and MoFA in different games than the count of the words in this article. I feel very connected with him, because of our mutual hatred for the biggest burden of this world – DUCHMAN HUILO. The other important thing is that when I am not capable of swearing and cursing our enemies, he will take the lead and destroy them through psychological warfare. I must admit that his language is way more civilized than mine, but also I must admit that he is the most explosive MoFA in the world so I am sure we will work awesome together and make a lot of people cry (or a lot of moderators work)

Minister of Defense – Ibrulz

This is the guy that can destroy even the biggest country in the world with his awesome questions and his random thoughts on the geopolitics of the world. Sometimes people go to cry in the corner, sometimes they die from laughing, but one think is for sure, they are not fighting. This is the guy that will help me minimize the costs of defense and offense by using his innovative powers instead of buying weapons, tanks and airs on those expensive prices.

Governor – LiveD666

The second most powerful guy in the world, he controls the income flow, he controls the mercenaries, he knows everyone, he does everything, he plays from JAIL in the name of our eCountry! His dick is as big as his mental age – 9! But we still love him and we still remember his vacation in Central Anatolia, collecting intelligence and thinking of new schemes and plans. Sometimes he has some problems with simple maths, but you know, no one is perfect. Even when he is our governor, we forgive him for that!

Minister of Education - Fazl

CHICHO MITKO E NOMER 1! He is the first guy that I’ve ever worked in the politics of an eGame. It waaaaaas so much years ago and we actually lost contact, but thanks to eDom we are again into the game. A fun fact is that when we ruled Bulgaria in another game, we did the same exact thing against Serbia and Turkey with the same awesome success. I love him a lot and I am happy that he will help us with his objective point of view and he is actually way better with numbers than LiveD666 and I don’t know why the positions are like that.

And for desert I want to present to you the new and most important position in the Bulgarian government:

Patriarch of Bulgaria – Karakolev

He is way better than all the false prophets in this game and their good wills (no offense China). He has all the needed qualifications for being the spiritual leader of our Country! He is addicted to Costa Coffee, he is really kinky and sexually active (I wish I had permissions to share some of his wild adventures with you) and he is the best mind manipulator in the world.. I mean psychologist. With is powerful blessing, I am sure we will conquer the world without problems.

Also I have to admit that someone else will actually rule the country…

The real Country President in Shadows – Bogomil aka amazon

The most capable man in the world. He was 1231231 times CP of Bulgaria, 12312 times vCP of Bulgaria, he was the leader of AA for 12312312 days, he did 21-30912-3019 OHs and he is controlling me, because he is so awesome. He created and destroyed AEGIS, he created and destroyed GUN, he created and destroyed WAR. BOW DOWN TO KING BOGI!

Best regards,
The most lovely Prime Minister in the world,
The biggest lover of Spain and the one who leaks from HELP chat,
One of the most toxic players in the world (I will give the top spots to Antimon and Inki),
The biggest clown of eDom,
Traitor Backstabbins,
Mr. Mitsubishi,
Firefly from Saturn,
CApTain Meow Spurrow,
Meow Meowinston,
Country President of Bulgaria,


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2+2=4-1=3 Quick Maths

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Smoke trees

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ahahhaha love you man XDDDDD

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Otaku CP

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well...i like your avatar ;)

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Perrito Galactico

danider ql tulachica

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Salamander Man

Premature ejaculation?

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Good Luck my gay friend

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hail the loli empire

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frenk kersnik

i wish you all the best danider o7

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too many dicks bro

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Good luck!

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Lord Kurupi


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F2p explicit

otaku for cp!

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FINALLY best goverment in Bulgaria so far :P

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o7 Thank you mates, good luck!

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When the ting went quack-quack-quack...

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Bro love to you!

06 Dec 17 06:41

no nudes no vote

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I can t stop laughing! Bulgaria in three worlds! o7