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Democracy Begin in Malaysia |

Published in Malaysia - Political debates and analysis - 3 - 30 Apr 17 04:54

Hi eMalaysia
After result congress election yesterday showed to us today. We are know 3 citizen of eMalaysia become congress member for this month. Congratulations for captain Boomerang, Chapline, and KASKUS. In addition, congress member must to make some policy to build Malaysia become superpower country in eDominations. We know now is sorrow condition for us because its too hard make pondation for our country. So I hope we are make our country be better for our and next generation.  Here i Will support government and congress Malaysia. 

Thank You for reading my first article. I am sos orry for my bad English lol. Honestly, this is my first article write in English because i think each article go internasional in this game. Thanks all, please vote and subscriber yeahh :)


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30 Apr 17 04:55

Pertamax for me

30 Apr 17 08:59

S1 V3 done

30 Apr 17 14:54

vs done