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Greetings to our beloved players

We have some news to bring and we hope they will make you happy.

We are happy to say that we are bringing ingame an official supply system into the battles.

How will they work?
Every Country President will be able now to put supply weapons stocks for use in his homeland battles.
We feel it is important to mention that only the Country Presidents can do it and they can do it only for battles in which their country is directly involved - both direct wars and RW.

Every CP will be capable to deposit stocks for use by soldiers in the battles.
Supply menu is visible from here:



Supply (if such is provided) will be visible over the Speed On - Speed Off button. Information about its amount, type of ammu and the price per each item will be visible for those who use it.

Only citizens of the respective country will be able to use the supply. Supply will not be visible for other country citizens, even if there is active MPP or player change his location.

There is some very important rules to mention:
1. Country President can set a supply only once per each round - this includes even the scenario in which the supply is fully used. The price, amount and etc cannot be changed later by any means, so Presidents have the important function to decide well how much items are set for use.

2. If in the end of battle there is weapons which was not used, they are returned back into the Country President storage.

3. No matter when and how much weapons are used, the gold from them is calculated into Country President account in the end of the round.
President receive notification for it as an event:

Of course, surely a lot of questions on the topic will come, and we are opened for suggestions and visions to make the system even better and perfect for our game.
Feel free to write your opinion in comments section.

We are interested again in recruiting moderators.
Requirements for it are simple:
- Player must have good writing skills in English. Of course, other languages will be a plus, but English is a must.
- Player must not have been penalized for their activities ingame till now - this means people who have registered illegal activities like
multi accounts exploits and etc. will don t have any chance to be accepted.
- Player must be not a political figure - he/she can be maximum Congress member. If he/she has positions in countries such as 
Presidents, Ministers and etc. or alliance positions (including as advisors), they won t be accepted.
- Player need to be polite and have the desire to become a moderator in order to make the game better and by it, of course, to be rewarded. 
- Players won t be accepted on reasons such as nationality and etc. 
- Player needs to have at least 3 hours a day time for eDominations.

Also, when applying for moderatorship, our Administration need to read information about the questions we have written. 
Applies which consist 1-2 sentences (because we indeed receive a lot of such) will have no chance to be accepted.

here is a short question list with which you can introduce yourself to us:
- What is your age
- Where are you from in real life and what information would you share with us about your real life activities (like hobby, job)
- Do you have any previous experience moderating in games and if yes, what it is?
- What makes you like eDominations
- What is your expectation for the moderator position and how do you imagine it
- What is your motivation to want to become moderator in eDominations
- How much free time you have daily for the game and how much time you would be able to spend for moderator needs

Our moderator staff receives awards connected with the amount of their work in gold.

Send us your e-mails to

Needless to say, you can always also contact and follow us on:

- Our official game Discord channel.
- Our official Facebook page.
- Our official Twitter account.
- Our official e-mail contact:
- Our Support desk.
- Our official Forum.

Thank you all very much again for your support!

eDominations team


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Comments (57)

20 Dec 17 09:24
Ulysses Grant

Nice one

20 Dec 17 09:24


20 Dec 17 09:25

Seems pretty useful, thanks

20 Dec 17 09:26


20 Dec 17 09:28


20 Dec 17 09:28

after so long time finally a good update

20 Dec 17 09:29
Frida K


20 Dec 17 09:29

after so long time finally a good update

20 Dec 17 09:31

Seems good. Please never ever put the CO system. Another thing, any plans on organizations? Only 1 per MU is starting to seem low, and causing players to drift to different MU with only 1 member which dont think is the idea.

20 Dec 17 09:32
The Godfather

Good change

20 Dec 17 09:32

BRAVO !!!!

20 Dec 17 09:32
Frank Underwoody

great news o7

20 Dec 17 09:33
Sherlock Holmes

CP s must able to choose min. level or min. str. Good update

20 Dec 17 09:34

top shit... will it be visible in the wars page where these weps will be available? :)

20 Dec 17 09:34


20 Dec 17 09:36

Perfect o7

20 Dec 17 09:39

Well, very good idea, I ve been sending a moderator request for a long time, and not even there! haha Regards Admin and thanks for everything

20 Dec 17 09:44

Great one !

20 Dec 17 09:45

Add airstrike

20 Dec 17 09:50

How sweet

20 Dec 17 09:55

Very good!

20 Dec 17 09:56

Niiista nisam razumeo😆

20 Dec 17 09:58
lonely wolf

finally normal update

20 Dec 17 09:58
Somebody Elses Lover

neymiş neymiş

20 Dec 17 10:00

Maybe it should be added max number of wep bought per player (for example 100, 200, 300)

20 Dec 17 10:04
Still Standing

@Kinghtartur2 +1

20 Dec 17 10:13

you should include nudes in your newspaper

20 Dec 17 10:15

Thanks sekulla !

20 Dec 17 10:16

Buen cambio, eso agilizará mucho el tema armas en las batallas

20 Dec 17 10:18

So enemy country can make 100 bots some day when some epic battle is on and bots will get alot energy drinks bcs of March March event, and these bots will drain thousands of wep, tank and air for very CHEAP from president. So result will be empty stock in CP and strong players will be without wep, tanks or air. Please put minimal level and strength for players to be able to use that feauture...

20 Dec 17 10:19

the rest of the weapons WERE returned. not was.

20 Dec 17 10:39


20 Dec 17 10:47

pls set limit str option... otherwise it will be shit

20 Dec 17 10:47

Nice update but if the player buy the weapons and don t use it?

20 Dec 17 11:01
Janez Grozni

Well, that probably means that it will be even easier for bots to launder the origin of weapons they buy on various (preferably enemies) markets, since they can simply send it to CP for donating it further without any masking or excuses neccesary.

20 Dec 17 11:19

when you use wep then you buy :D nice update

20 Dec 17 11:33
I Am Mad

bring combat order with gold payments! hail mercs!

20 Dec 17 11:44

smart one v

20 Dec 17 11:55
Gezi Park

nice update (Y) , but we want CO aswell :P

20 Dec 17 12:40
Fighter 007

neki mi tu smrdi

20 Dec 17 13:04

My suggestions are: 1. It shouldn t be a CP who do that, but MU (military unit) commanders and limited only to that military unit members.. 2. Set a limitation to join any MU or any MU can set it to be invitation only.. 3. If you still insist that only CP who can sell supply, put a STRENGTH, LEVEL, and RANK limit to prevent multi accounts. Also, Prime Minister and Governor should be able to sell supply too.. btw, it is a good update.. :)

20 Dec 17 13:08

Well the point in these supplies is to be able to RAISE or LOWER them according to needs... if you cant change them, then a supply is useless. And in a game where 1 visa can change whole battle, you cannot anticipate much ;)

20 Dec 17 14:03


20 Dec 17 14:53
Franky Four Fingers

Please put minimal level and strength for players to be able to use that feauture... x36

20 Dec 17 20:09

Thanks, this seems to be very usefull. :)

21 Dec 17 00:59

Super, bravo :)

21 Dec 17 06:58

very good idea...........perfect

21 Dec 17 07:19
Z For Zebra

This game has a future

21 Dec 17 09:31
I Am Mad

Suggestion: It would help if the color of arrow is some other (non gray) which is highlighted so that it catches attention. Something like Red or Neon green maybe :)

21 Dec 17 10:32

I think for better safety and insurance that somebody will not buy all the supply cheaper, didn t fight with it and just sell with better price, there must be system that will let CP chose who will buy and who ll not. for i.e. when the supply is added by CP and a player try to buy it, first he must apply, CP will see the name of applier and than chose accept or decline. With this we will be insured that nobody will buy whole amount of supply for itself, division will be fear, CP will see appliers and check did the player fight with weapon or no. how do you think?

21 Dec 17 10:39

Also CP must have option choosing LVL/Rank/STR limit to prevent multi accounts. and I think it will be better if this supply option will have MU Commanders/Captains, cause they better know there warriors abilities, and the supply will be only for there MU members. This is also better because if something happen MU leaders could fired the players.

21 Dec 17 12:03
Franky Four Fingers

after one day of testing i would like to ask You for giving possibility to limit weaps for one account. At least two options: 1.No limit 2.100 guns per player

21 Dec 17 14:34

zl,ng [zu lang, nicht gelesen]

21 Dec 17 17:05

I think that it could be ver good with a limit of weap for player and also a minimum level of account

21 Dec 17 23:48

Couple of suggestions, make this option available for MoD too, also allowing MU commanders to set similar option but limited to members of that MU. Few more options might be in order, like setting minimum rank and maximum use of weapons by a player. Otherwise it seems a good idea.

22 Dec 17 01:02

huh good job

20 Jan 18 18:48
demon gamer

que yo sepa el evento soldado de marzo ya no esta mas