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    On Day 4, the first ever Congress election was held in every country across the world.  In the USA, two early political parties established themselves; the Federalist Party and the Democratic Party, both of which will have the opportunity to shape the USA both at home and abroad.  The Federalist Party, led by Ulysses S. Grant, is currently the largest party in the USA with 36 members.  The Democratic Party, led by DebuggerXX currently has 10 members.  Out of 113 active citizens at the time of writing, just 37 total votes were cast.
    This world brings a different way of voting for Congress.  Its a welcome change, as it opens up other ways to keep the game interesting.  Political parties should mean more now more than ever and the potential for political maneuvering and scheming makes me smile.  Congratulations to the Federalists and Democrats.  If you are a Federalist that didnt happen to join your fellow Party Members in Congress, at least you tried.

    Canada (25 Total Votes) - Canadian National Party Wins Majority
    Mexico (60 Total Votes) - Party of Heroes Wins Majority


Ulysses Grant

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30 Apr 17 10:56

Voted. O/

30 Apr 17 17:20

yeah, just 37 votes. That is a horrible turnout.

01 May 17 12:29

what is not talked about is the requirements to vote! Sadly most don t it s lvl 16 or higher!