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Dear UK (declaration of boredom)

Published in Slovenia - Social interactions and entertainment - 30 - 09 Jan 18 10:37

Dear UK and most of all Ikta Solork,

Ikta old chap how are you doing?
I noticed you are a tad upset in your article lately.

I am very well aware that I (or anyone else from Slovenian goverment for that matter) havent asked for your permission to pass through your territory.
I ussualy tend to do that. It is only fair to do so in my opinion and I hate bullies that dont do that, relying merely on their superior power. Even when asking countries that were previously your enemies or countries for which it is very well known in advance, that they will turn down the offer, as generous as it might be. I agree, it is a common courtesy to do so.
I do admit I havent yet asked Ireland for a passage from south Ireland towards Canada (one more...), but to my apology, since we are currently rushing towards Colombia with the speed of 3 legged turtles, I hope we still have some time to discuss that.

The great United Kingdom, that gave us Allo Allo, Monthy Phyton, Black Adder, morbid jokes about princess Diana or their football team. Basil-throwing cooking shows, ale and ipa beers, The English queen and his wonderfull song candle in the wind and last but not least, the emphatic country that enables the right siamese twin to be the one driving the car, for a change. Indeed, how could we?
What an utter blasphemy!!!

Now lets cut to the point.
Are you guys still mercenaries, or is it just that the eDom economy in combination with lack of all-out wars decreased the demand for hired guns to the extent that you have decided to act as an actual State instead, all of a sudden?

I could be ill-informed. If someone told me, you guys run an actual state and not just a 1 merc MU safeheaven, Id probably shake my head in disbelief. If I got it wrong (happens most of the time with sport bets), I might even try to persuade our HQ that we are not invading a merc territoy but an actual country instead!
It must have been some months since I asked one of your guys why are you hitting in one of our RWs, trying to identify relations between our two countries and as every CP/Mofa does, try to build some relations etc. I got the answer: no, we dont care where we hit, were just mercenaries. Ah, okay than, well noted. See, in some cases I dont care much either. Why on the world should I?

I care about Croatians, they are great opponents and even if some might disagree, I cant wait to clash again one day, for the sake of the game.
I care about Chinese, they are the best organised community in the game. We might be fighting against them, but cant say I dont care about them.
I care about Italians. I lost a wallet while skiing there, 3 weeks ago. And got it back, along with all the cash in it.
I care about Indonesians... merely because I worked with some great individuals years ago in that game that gets censored over here, called .
I care about Colombians, if I didnt, I wouldnt want to go through your merc estate to meet them.
I care about Scots. Because whiskey. And LaOch.
I care about many things and many countries. (last word bolded with the upmost intention)

Certain things come at certain price and there is rarely anything for free (Daniders sister is more like an exception to the rule). One day you want to act as mercenaries to avoid reprocussions from actual countries for your acts, yet before you even get invaded at all you are outraged that you are not treated as an actual country all of a sudden? Beats me... I believe you should pick one option and stick to it.

By noone from Slovenia asking you about the passage, we havent meant no disrespect personaly towards any individual in your community.
Only, what the majority of players in this game feels, disrespect towards mercenaries in general.
Sad to hear, you were unaware of that feeling, but that doesnt change the fact I feel so very unobliged towards asking for permission of any kind from you guys. With this in mind I cant interpret your article differently, than a product of an ultimate boredom and a spare 30 minutes of your time and thus have a very hard time staying serious.

I would like to hope that those 30 minutes spent wouldnt go in vain, but am afraid majority of players share my feeling towards mercenaries in general and that is likely to be shown through their support for your merc-estate in battles.

No worries, though, our intention is merely to pass by, so after 3-4 days, we intend to do no harm to the Queen, well stay on roads and wont be gazing into your perfectly groomed english grass and you will be able to declare a big victory against our forces, that will by than, be running away from you as fast as possible. (possible for an undisciplined 3 legged turtle that is.)
Once again, nothing personal in that.

I do admit I would be willing to discus even the passage through Afganistan with you guys, if that was your MoFa.

Janez Grozni
MoFa, Slovenia

p.s. Ill courageously accept the suffering youve got in mind for me... as long as its not British cuisine.


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09 Jan 18 10:39


09 Jan 18 10:42

o7 Janez well said ;)

09 Jan 18 10:43
Better look around

I will be honored to give you my sister for free, Janez.

09 Jan 18 10:45


09 Jan 18 10:46

Miška ;)

09 Jan 18 10:46

Janez... try enhlish haggis 😍😋

09 Jan 18 10:47
Fighter 007


09 Jan 18 10:51

theres only one haggis and its scottish! kake pišeš to keyser ccc

09 Jan 18 10:52
00 THOR 00

well said xD

09 Jan 18 10:55

@danider: he has a thing for sisters :P

09 Jan 18 10:57

haha nice

09 Jan 18 10:57
Better look around

Valuk89, she is none of my problems anymore hahahah

09 Jan 18 11:21
Janez Grozni

@Valuk; for yours, definately 😍 If you would post pics of your sister and we would put you for a MoFa, Slovenia might win this game diplomaticaly. Imo you should do that, for our community!!!

09 Jan 18 11:24

what do you care for most whiskey or WHISKY because one is real and the other isnt

09 Jan 18 11:28

@keyser wish there was GIF here....english haggis

09 Jan 18 11:42

Wuuut? You did not ask Ikta Sorrow for a free passage under Temza? Oh, dear. We are doomed!

09 Jan 18 11:43


09 Jan 18 11:59

Dalga mı gecıosun ozr mu dılıon gercekten bırader ne ayaksın.

09 Jan 18 12:04


09 Jan 18 12:09

Kudos to you o7

09 Jan 18 13:02


09 Jan 18 14:19

No entendí ni una damier

09 Jan 18 14:36

loved the style!

09 Jan 18 16:18

Hahahaha a fucking genius

09 Jan 18 16:20

Janez what?

09 Jan 18 16:28

I wont break the edom.

10 Jan 18 04:17
Mord Fustang

Round of applause for this fine gentleman.

10 Jan 18 07:43

Pirates will always be pirates, no matter what time, they are now called mercs, they share the same black flag to act from the shadows. Remove UK.

11 Jan 18 06:07
Rich The Kid

What the fuck is this autism :issou:

11 Jan 18 08:09

Too long.