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Dear countries of Trial Alliance

Published in Georgia - Warfare analysis - 31 - 12 Jan 18 10:29

Hello guys.

Few days Ago we Got ,,alsmost whole world against us, But today they oficially declare it, Slovenia is signing MPP with Croatia and I am Sure there will be next steps from them - They will sign any possible MPPs what they can. 

China, Usa and Georgia had same situation in past. 

Actually it was not only ,,China, Usa, and Georgia when ,,Almost whole world against us begun. We were more then 3 countries after beggining this Shit, but from time to time only 3 countries stayed. Why?  Its simply.  One day I wrote it in my article: When almost Whole world  Hits the fallen, it is easy to join hitters side, But to join fallen side - needs balls. 

This situation is always very hard for any of us and some day we have to choose: 1. To go with easy way, give up and give them what they want ... or 2. To fight with all your pover despite you will be wiped, you will lose battles and so on... 

to choose second way is really hard, Beleive me. (I was in this situation as a CP of Georgia not once) for  to do it, you just need to have  Faith that your war, is war for Freedom, for Friendship, for you brothers in arm, and when you have this faith, for you its better to die on battlefield but protect what is most important for you. ( Of course I realise that it is a game and noone willnt die, But you know what I mean) 

If you lose this faith, then enemy will get what he wants, then enemy will broke you. 

So, I just want to wish to all of us, do not lose that faith and if we will do it, beleive me, Even they have overpower, even some of us or even all of us will be wiped, f
inally  they will lose this war. 

p.s.  I know, that some kids with  IQ under 50,  will wrote shit in the comments under this article, they will begin shouts about cry and so on,  but do not pay attention on this, they can always suck our tears :D 

Long life to TA! 


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12 Jan 18 10:30


12 Jan 18 10:32

Hail TA

12 Jan 18 10:33

from the beginning of the game China, USA and Georgia have been togheter. I say cheers about this. Fuck the rest..

12 Jan 18 10:38

They can take away our country pixles, but they cannot our balls unless we give em to them!

12 Jan 18 10:39
00 THOR 00

shame on Slovenia

12 Jan 18 10:40
Emperor of Georgia


12 Jan 18 10:46

Dont worry, everything comes to the status quo in the end.

12 Jan 18 10:47

Yea we in Colombia are very happy with the group we have now, even if we are at such disadvantage we chose this path knowing that this scenario was one of the most probable. It is a good group , well coordinated and people willing to hit for allies with no hesitation. On the other side there are a few countries I would say are willing to do that but not the mayority, and we have been allied with most of them in the past.

12 Jan 18 10:49
Zakk Bloodworth

You have dedicated yourself to isolate your enemies and to use those who trusted you at some time, and now they have united against you. You harvest what you sown. Enjoy it.

12 Jan 18 10:49
danial khoshnoud


12 Jan 18 10:53

Hail TA

12 Jan 18 11:10

Manje konzumiraj ono sto se ne jede zak

12 Jan 18 11:33


12 Jan 18 12:42
John Constantine

This situation is always very hard for any of us and some day we have to choose: 1. To go with easy way, give up and give them what they want ... or 2. To fight with all your pover despite you will be wiped, you will lose battles and so on... Yes always fight with all POVER you have ^_^

12 Jan 18 12:46

Hail TA

12 Jan 18 13:53

That is what happens when you are too arrogant...

12 Jan 18 16:09

Jajajajaja... losers

12 Jan 18 16:14

Kaatinga te dejamos traumado de la ultima vez. Veo que la recuerdas muy bien jajaja. Pobresito me imagino que por las noches debe tener pesadillas de como le rompimos el anubis a ellos a usa y a china

12 Jan 18 17:22

I m proud of TA. The best alliance I could imagine. o7

12 Jan 18 17:28

One month trial for TA. A Jonh cobra siempre le pagan

12 Jan 18 17:45

I see a q5 propaganda here! Noice!

12 Jan 18 21:14

Aglamalar aglamalar

12 Jan 18 22:31

A spaniard talking about arrogance LOL, so funy

12 Jan 18 23:01

@marinaifX perfectly said, +1

13 Jan 18 01:15

Crytinga, what did ye expect :I

13 Jan 18 04:53
Nurap Pussycat of Metal

real friends play fair among them and don t backstab each others

13 Jan 18 05:50
Xiahou Dun

Aiming for heaven though serving in hell victory is ours their forces will FALL !

13 Jan 18 07:35

Kaatinga ve carefull, they will show logs xD

13 Jan 18 10:21

Crytinga... besitos y cuidate mucho.

13 Jan 18 17:02
El Gran Eduardo

Por qué dicen que España es arrogante? Solo por llamarse Glorioso Imperio y venir a atacar a Colombia de la mano de comentarios xenofobos Vs las flechas q5 de esos indigenas sudakas?.. naaaa

13 Jan 18 18:02

Joer, con lo gracioso que era ir a por Peru yendo 2 vs 1. Cuando los demás se organizan no se vale, es crucis xD