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Published in Canada - Political debates and analysis - 4 - 01 May 17 01:15

We will start from scratch, make a strong canada and eager to move forward as a country.

But from the beginning we received or have in our country many people who try to steal the gold of our country or to try to thwart the things of our territory.
That is why today we do not leave, today we have rejected the impish that spartacus has sent since he has not presented himself, nor do we know who he is or anything like that.
Please Mr. Congressman, if you are going to nominate someone to CP, explain yourself and your reasons why you believe that the person you are going to select will be the perfect one for the position.

We as citizens of Canada will not leave us.

Thank you



Comments (4)

01 May 17 01:43

supported but If you are real Canadian you have to make baby boom, there is no way except BB otherwise they will pto your country and steal your treasury golds(soon or late). good luck

01 May 17 03:20

Time will show who is Spartacus o/

01 May 17 05:54
Linterna Verde

Lets work together. Hail Canada. I guess all is gonna be ok

01 May 17 09:13

@test For a long time and in several games we have endured the attack of foreign players without the baby boom, just making good relationships. And this time there is no exception, little by little friends arrive and soon Canada will be great.