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Oh, that wonderfull world

Published in Spain - Warfare analysis - 24 - 12 Feb 18 13:00

On the beginning Slovenia took initiative, but now other allies step up and showed the world that we can work together.  As we can see Croatia and Spain did some big dmg and left Balkanistan in ruins. Thanks to our friends helping us to shut down some big mouths. On the other side Balkanistan still doing some nice dmg but we can see that their weapon stock is depleted. Now they can shot only what they produce daily.


Also I would like to point out, that this must be the worst CP mandate in history of eDominations. I would like to personally thanks Domen97 for helping us achieve such a wonderful victories. You have Slovenian full support for your next mandate as a Balkanistan CP. Slovenia support you.


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Comments (24)

12 Feb 18 13:01

good burn that stocks o7

12 Feb 18 13:02

finnaly, masturbation continues

12 Feb 18 13:02
Abdurrezzak binzigzag

croatia and spain did some big damage? more than slovenia? humm o_O

12 Feb 18 13:02

Croatia support you to !!

12 Feb 18 13:03

I never knew Slovenia had such high quality drugs.

12 Feb 18 13:03

o7 Support from Greece :)

12 Feb 18 13:03

Donate Domen :D

12 Feb 18 13:05

domen is intentionally sabotaging Kina so slo would take him back... stop trolling him cause he is really trying

12 Feb 18 13:06
Xiahou Dun

Man you need 2 alliances to beat one. You need to call friends people which you dont consider as friends. You need to use few countries to shoot like mad just to beat one. You still have less damage. you still writing articles about China. You are still retarded little shit thinking you shut down something. Talk about facts, not about crying, because I know you are not smart enough, but give it a try.

12 Feb 18 13:08


12 Feb 18 13:08

i can`t even

12 Feb 18 13:09

Did I hear someone talking about mass-tur-bation?

12 Feb 18 13:12

those articles are funny, but this fact is positive. so, my support to your articles :)

12 Feb 18 13:12

evo ga pocelo je, svi su protiv nas kmeeeeeee. Warder kao sto sam prije napisao mrzio sam tvoje clanke prije al sada su mi sve drazi i drazi :D samo naprijed

12 Feb 18 13:17

Who is writing about China, Xiahou Dun ? Nino we were always friends ;) Domen97, be a man. You know what to do :D

12 Feb 18 13:21

Mamá salí en televisión.

12 Feb 18 13:23

Hail Domen97!

12 Feb 18 13:29

Warder naravno al uvijek si znao pogoditi na ono mjesto koje najvise boli :joy

12 Feb 18 13:44


12 Feb 18 17:45

Hail Domen, shadow Slo CP

13 Feb 18 02:15

TA knew 5vs1 and 2vs1 better than us :) shut up and enjoy lost

13 Feb 18 05:46

can you remind me when TA use 5 vs 1 strategy Lilith?

13 Feb 18 11:44

it was Aegis agaisnt Turkey MarcePY :) now it is TA nothing change China and their puppets

14 Feb 18 11:54

Emmm... Turkey was not Alone... it was Big support of Paraguay. So, enjoy your temporal winning situation but don t lie