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Dear Community, good morning /afternoon/ night.

 My name is Designated Survivor and this is thefirst article I publish in the game… I wished it could be not about some very serious issue like the one I will have to write about, however the situation that is currently going on in Norway is very very incorrect and you all should be informed about.

On the last updates, according tothe Admin News (Latest News) published earlier today, they announced that countries would be able to have citizens as their Presidents. As many of you are aware of, Admin proposed a law on every country transferring the country presidency to a citizen of that nation, in order for the country to start developing itself.

For more information, please check:

However that measure in most ofcountries resulted on a fair process in view of developing the nation, in Norway the situation was a bit different: in fact, our President “elected” is trying to ROB the COUNTRY!! Yes, you did not have misreading.

First, lets see some images that correspond to the line of events hereunder de:

1.     26/04: Mr.Kanuni Sultan Suleyman and his “friend” Mr. Cemmal Okka join Norway;
2.     On the nextdays: The strategists create a Party and a “National Army”;
Note: The Party is composed just bythe 2 of them, meanwhile Norway has already almost 10 citzens…Something odd?
Wait, there is more to come…
3.     CongressElection: Mr. Kanuni Sultan Suleyman is elected THE ONLY Congressmen in Norway, detaining all power!
4.      Admin enacts a bill proposing Mr. KanuniSultan Suleyman to become the President of Norway. Guess what…. He voted yes
and become not only our unique congressmen, but also the President
5.     Less than24 hours later: HE PROPOSED A BILL TO DONATE HIMSELF 224 GOLDS FROM THE NORWAY TREASURY, which, of course and if we don’t do nothing, will pass and destroy Norway with 6 days of gaming function…

Therefore, dear community andfriends, help me to pass the message for our dear admins and let´s wait for the nexts moves, hoping Mr. Kanuni and his friend Mr. Cemmal are banned from the game, by violating its policies and mechanics.

Update: ADMINS recieved my ticket and are examining the situation:

Yours Sincerely,
Designted Survivor. 



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01 May 17 06:43


01 May 17 07:00

It s bad to see what s happening in Norway :(

01 May 17 07:11
Lord Akhenaton

Unfortunately, all small countries are beeing rasacked, stolen, robbed, by the oportunists..

01 May 17 07:20
Z For Zebra

Perm ban!! back money to norway

01 May 17 07:22

too many cases happened like this in this game or other games similar..

01 May 17 08:05

Voted and subscribed!

01 May 17 08:24
Kanuni Sultan Suleyman

bunlar kriptolar bunlar osmanlı düşmanları ülke için hastane kuracağız ne anlarsın sen kavat seni For the country where the factory hospital will be established!

02 May 17 09:07

Same thing happening in Belarus too.

02 May 17 09:09
Anonymous Hero

Belarus scenario confirmed. There is foreign TO group of 15 players.