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Ask questions about the game - Improve your knowledge |

Published in Slovenia - Social interactions and entertainment - 18 - 01 May 17 06:27

Greetings our beloved eDominations community;

We know that you got a lot of questions about the game.
Now here we have to gather all of your questions in one article and then we will give you an answers.

Before asking questions,check our Wiki
Answer could be already there.

Please post your questions as comment.

eDominations team


TestUros Veliki

Comments (18)

01 May 17 06:45

When will something be done about the market? People basically just use it to free up warehouse space with stupidly high priced products and no one has money to actually buy anything off the market. Have you considered lowering the price of trade licenses for the beginning of the game so markets with just a few players can actually have people selling on them?

01 May 17 06:45

disi er0

01 May 17 07:04

Am I the third?

01 May 17 07:41

Why players need to have wepQ5 factory to build tank(and q5 tank to build aircraft) ? you give visa very big advantage(they can makes aircraft and win battle which has 5score) it was very bad same as erev. everyone must be available to make q1(air craft factory) at least. you could increase price of upgrade but don t kick us away from air battles. I think early weeks of this game will be for visa only(same as erev although some cheater used bugs in that game too)

01 May 17 07:55

why do you add work skills for players, for example ;some people likes battles (we can call warriors), some people likes farming(we can call farmers), farmers cant do more damage than warriors, but they have more productivity, warriors be hero at battle areas but havent more productivity than farmers :) if you add work skills,should be more exiting game

01 May 17 09:49
Ainz Ooal Gown

Why is my avatar blur at profile page?

01 May 17 11:41

ERO legendo...

01 May 17 13:26

nemoj da me opet banujes kao u er.evol.usn ;)

02 May 17 00:52

Will there be any weekly events, where we can get some weapons or food, in the future?

02 May 17 07:02

DoOmHaMmEr +1

02 May 17 07:11

is it free to speculate monetary market?

02 May 17 07:12

DoOmHaMmEr +1905

02 May 17 07:23

DoOmHaMmEr +22

02 May 17 09:45

Will Real Madrid win tonight ?

02 May 17 14:13

When will multiple usage of Energy drinks be abolished or changed. That is a horrible rule aimed at like .005 % of the population

02 May 17 14:34
El Gran Delirium90

when can we uppgrade training centre? i bought gold just to do so lol, then was disapointed when i couldnt :s

03 May 17 04:01

Does true patriot reset if you change citizenship?

03 May 17 14:23

evo ga 97