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Information Rules, Welcome to your Information Headquarters |

Published in United States of America - Social interactions and entertainment - 0 - 01 May 17 13:38

Good News eUSA is here to bring you all you need to know and few things you never heard of. I want to be your information headquarters! 

You have questions? ASK THEM!
You have concercerns? SAY THEM!
You have no group to join? JOIN WITH ME!

I look for comments all the time, you have a suggestion or a question post them and look for an answer in your inbox!

I dont expect  to know everything which is why I ask questions from many people here. It is how I find out and why I report what I know to you fine people!

Did you know that most people couldnt vote because you need to reach level 16? I didnt, didnt even know it took to reach that level to even run for office!

There are parts of the WIKI, large parts, that are vague and misleading. I am here to cu thru the crap for you and make YOUR LIFE EASIER!

I will create articles that find articles from around the English speaking eWorld and even a few that arent to make your reading time more enjoyable. Like this one:

Congress Election Results
-The Hype Newspaper Written by: Rich Porter

Get ready to be...

Better informed!

  Better Connected!

 Better Player!

Click the image below to see my previous articles!


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