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China Newbie Guide |

Published in China - First steps in eDominations - 6 - 01 May 17 13:39

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And remember, were all brothers:


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Comments (6)

01 May 17 14:00
tsou lee

good work!

01 May 17 14:07

Good work. Keep it up. Feedback: use numbers to have better reference to what you are talking about, along with the circles.

01 May 17 14:26

Great work bro o7

01 May 17 14:44
Atticus Finch

Nice Diesel

01 May 17 17:47

Vote for having Chinese! Can you add traditional Chinese translation as well?

02 May 17 11:19

@Pancake: Good idea, I only know how to type in simplified though. I ll send you a PM!