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Salaries: Are We Well Paid? THE ECONOMIST. |

Published in Chile - Financial analysis - 17 - 01 May 17 15:11


eDominions has just 6 days since its beginning and one of the most important things that the game has is the Economy.
The economy has of a lot of factors and one of these is the Job, the labor is essential to be a productive country but to have workers you have to pay them.

In THE ECONOMIST, We made a little analysis about job offers around the world:

(DAY 6)






As we can see, the best countries to work today are China, United Kingdom and Iran with maximum salaries that doesnt overcome $30cc.
but being realist, it is a fair salary? could be, but the prices inflation in goods like food and weapons is too high in the most of countries and the $30 become a misery, of course assuming you win $30, because the average salary is a poor $8,75.

Now going to the countries with lowest salaries, there are ten countries that doesnt overcome the minimum salary ($1cc) and although it can be explained due to the low quantity of players that these countries have is unacceptable than some employers want to cheat to their newbie compatriots.

Waiting the prices get low worldwide or the employers increase the salaries a bit and waiting that the governments of those countries make something to avoid future abuses against newbies, it was THE ECONOMIST.

Salaries: Are We Well Paid? THE ECONOMIST.
V+S+SHOUT ENDORSE if you want.


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Comments (17)

01 May 17 15:44

I pay my to workers 30 CLP :D

01 May 17 15:45

s + v

01 May 17 16:37


01 May 17 20:26

Iran has the maximum salary because gold price is 0.007 in iran

01 May 17 20:28

thanks for the info Guardian!

02 May 17 05:34

Good, i pay to some of my workers 30clp too :D

02 May 17 11:59
criadonline the Ghost

I pay my workers in Brazil 20 BRL each

02 May 17 12:12

can be better criadonline! ;)

02 May 17 15:10

in paraguay we are paying 27 PYG

02 May 17 15:13

Nice :)

02 May 17 15:14

nice Arkad, in Chile have increased the salaries too, between 25-30 CLP

02 May 17 16:15


02 May 17 19:05

s83 v27

02 May 17 19:08

WRONG !!!!! I PAY 40 CC !!!!!!

02 May 17 19:11

02 May 17 21:24

v / s 29 / 93 o/

05 May 17 21:34
Perrito Galactico

this article is wrong as fuck u are a gaytard :^) just kidding ily