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JanGo Never Crying!

Published in Georgia - Social interactions and entertainment - 26 - 15 Apr 18 16:12

Hello My Friends

I want to say a few words, Those who think Im crying.
My life is good and I want everyone to have the same or more.

When a person does not spend money on what he likes. He can never earn money. Because I spent a lot of money, someone thinks Im crazy. I tell them we can compare our IQ and bank accounts . There are people who receive a great inheritance. And we are people who earn a great inheritance for our children with our work.

1. I have my own small Business yet.
2. I am a professional financier
3. I have a huge family (  I lost Grandmother until 5 days ;( )
4. I am married for almost 2 years
5.  Ill have a son after 2 months,  (I promise you that I will show you her photo.)
6. I have normal achievements everywhere where I work. (in RL, in Edom, in Lol and etc.)
7. Even though I love  myself, Im still humble
8. In the past Ive probably offended a few people, but at end i have good relation with all, Despite that there are people who can not live with me today in RL, in edom and etc.
Why I wrote this article?
Until someone will write JanGo Crying or something similar, You can read this article again.

If anyone wants that I was in a bad mood, Try to go to the ratings before me.

Stephen Curry and The Lord of Death aka JanGo


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15 Apr 18 16:13
Emperor of Georgia

JanGo Never Crying! - https://www.edominations.com/en/article/7898

15 Apr 18 16:18
Gargoyle JR


15 Apr 18 16:22

Cry :((

15 Apr 18 16:23

JanGo stop CRY { sad avatar }

15 Apr 18 16:46

ღმერთმა შეგარგოს ძმაო )

15 Apr 18 17:01
00 THOR 00

:D gijixar aba raxar :D :D :D :D :D

15 Apr 18 17:21

It does not matter how much money sits on your bank account. I would never trust financier who talks to much. Especially if he talks about how much money he spent for a stupid game and have an urge to explain in an article why he does not cry. A smart financier does not need to do that. And does not care if people think he is crying. If you are so successful as you are explaining, you can afford to cry. If you cannot you are nothing else but a big bluff. I have no problem with you otherwise. We can drink together a coffee or beer. But I will keep you away from my bank account, my savings and my investments. Now,... if you cry or not - I do not care. Just do it quietly whatever you do, please.

15 Apr 18 17:33
Emperor of Georgia

@Massaru ))) Calm down, do not worry

15 Apr 18 18:04
TIT0 el Inmortal

slovenian coward suck :)

15 Apr 18 19:25

Sto bi reko nas co ek Sivilo .. kompleks, komplekss

15 Apr 18 22:32

@massaru do you have butterhurt?

15 Apr 18 23:37

Hepinize inat Hail Jango amk :)

16 Apr 18 02:10

this reminded me of - ♫♪ Noo... JanGo no cryyy ♫♪

16 Apr 18 03:36

Using a cap indoors? Bald detected.

16 Apr 18 05:08

Me importa un pico

16 Apr 18 05:33

You can have a good life and you can cry when you lose I don t understand the reason of the article...

16 Apr 18 05:54
El Gran Terminon

i saw yday on chat that someone said to another thats its stupid to pay in a game ...guys its not stupid ....everyone pays for his entertaining ...i will pay to play football for example...you will pay for something that can make your day, even a browser game ...you cant call someone stupid cause he gives money to have fun ....everyone here gives money on something to have fun ...and about the amounts that players pay ...what is 10 euro for me ,its 50 euro for someone from Switzerland XD !!!i dont know anything about the life in georgia ,but 5000 euro in georgia may not be that much xD i dont know ...

16 Apr 18 09:53

ტავერნა ორიგინალ :დ

16 Apr 18 10:36


16 Apr 18 11:10

da plačeš u africi, sva djeca tamo bi imala vodu ...

16 Apr 18 15:55
Franky Four Fingers

1. I thought it s matrimonial personal ad. But You explained that it s not, however maybe You want to run away from obligations already. 2. Really, do you need to compensate anything with Your article? I don t know You, just recognizing Your nick (nicks), but in my culture You don t tell about money or Your status if You want to be well thought of. 3. But i see that You have a servant catching You while You eating. Do You have more meal footage? I m so excited!!!

16 Apr 18 16:05

Your son will hate you forever if you call him her Maybe you d better spent that money to someone who can learn you a proper english?)

16 Apr 18 20:13

well Bruce, who taught you English, surely wont do the job

16 Apr 18 21:11

Maybe not a fluent english, but Bruce has a point. And I think, zebosk, english lessons won t hurt you too. If he pays the teacher, you should definitelly join the course. Maybe I will join too. Improving language skills is never a bad idea.

17 Apr 18 02:28
Emperor of Georgia

Haters FU :D I don t know good English, but always I know who is a good person and who is an envious bastard ))) Kiss me on the ass )) - Franky - you are very very very BIG BIG BIG DICK! ;)

17 Apr 18 04:59

Wow, such a temperament!!!! :O Let me use your words: @The Lord Of Death Calm down, do not worry! :D It is really not important who kisses your ass and who don t in some virtual reality. Also, if someone does not agree with you it does not mean he hates you or that he is bad person. And even if he does hate you, so what? Is opinion of the strangers really so important? Invest your time to those who love you in RL. Especially your kid(s). And stop talking... You really do not need to explain everything... It is funny!