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The World News Brought to You in One Article! |

Published in United States of America - Social interactions and entertainment - 2 - 01 May 17 15:39

I am noticing a flaw in the news here, it only shows the Top 5 articles for each category, which is World, Latest (last 24 hours) and Local Region ( I assume this changes when we move and not connected to our citizenship).

I will be looking daily for the articles, if you want an article listed PM a link and I will see if its worthy to be added. I wish there was a MORE link to see all articles for that tab or country, but we work with what is available.

And please do vote and or subscribe to any of the papers I post here. 


New Brotherhood and new friends in eDominations - Delirium green news - Interesting news about a new Coalition!


Presenting The Chinese Empire
- Peoples Daily -  just basic info on the country, but I think this paper has someone worthy to watch out for.
GIF Reactions - See his first article, funny!

Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Start UP - HOT news -She is kinda hot, if he keeps it up. why not sub?


Day 4: Stats - Uproar - Some interesting stats collected from a couple days ago. May be worth following
Slovenian HQ - Another article by Uproar, info about Slovenias Government.
First impressions - Hawks News - just that, his first impressions and hey why not show you what someone else thinks.


Countries with Their Bonuses - Bir Yudum Sohbet - Break down of the top countries and their bonuses. Advised reading!


Delta Team
- Diablo - At least he made something.

Please do more than this guy...


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